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Has Trump Abandoned His Base or is this Fifty Shades of Warfare?

There is an argument to be made that indeed he has and many people are making it. The CIAmerican Media is so sure of it that they have reported the news of the Syrian Bombing with the least programmed disapproval, dropping their practiced scows and disgust for a look of neutrality which if the Fake-Stream Media were not FAKE, would be the required and standard modus operandi.

Here is the caution from a knowing analyst:

A reality shock for DJT will be if he holds a rally and no one shows up. This will happen if he abandons the promises he made to the American people, the covenant he made with his voters.

DJT is giving too much power and influence to his daughter and son-in-law, two young New York limo liberals who are not dry behind their ears, who lack the wisdom, maturity and life experience to influence policy. If they push out Bannon, it is over.

Here is my assessment of that analysis:
We knew going in they were the "in" for the Jewish Lobby, (Zionist Lobby) that was the reason Bebe was so quiet on the subject of Trump and AIPAC was so cordial to Trump. So this is not news. I think Trump keeps divergent voices because he needs the sounding boards. Bottom line is Trump has to govern, even while in a Civil War with the Deep State and he was losing that battle. The Deep State was threatening a "Continuity of Governance Coup" over the FAKE Russian/Trump Collusion story, and like mad dogs left with just one bone, they were pouring ever fiber of savage/Marxist energy into it. A "Continuity of Governance Coup" last week was a very real possibility because most of the Globalist/Marxists Traitors on the Hill would have backed it. This Syrian Air Strike is either a genius head fake, or game over already. Prayers and faith, and the right kind of Hope.

(You are familiar with the Continuity of Governance Group, the LEGAL shadow government that sits in place ready to take over if the National Government is deemed "crippled." This was also part of the 1976 National Emergencies Act.)

BTW, I'm sure that those Shadow Governors after 8 years reflect the Marxists and Muslims of the Obama Administration.

Yes, Donald Trump has damaged his base, discovering that he cannot govern while broadcasting every REAL intention via Twitter to his supporters (and enemies) in easy to understand two syllable words and schoolyard posturing.  He has broken faith, (on a certain level) with those whose thought processes extend to the level of "checkers" and not to "multi-dimensional chess."  I wrote in "Trump Victory - The NEW CIVIL WAR" on November 11th, 2016 [LINK] 
the following:

With Trump soon to take control of the visible "Shallow State" (the part of POWER we see that is public) what we are witnessing with these astroturf mobs, is one of the first gambits in a NEW CIVIL WAR, that will rage above the surface and under the surface until one side or the other is cowed. That is why, our continued information jungle-telegraph on the net, is so important, to overcome the Deep State's Media.

Folks understand, the Deep State had taken everything, ALREADY controlled everything, but they miscalculated their control of the GOP/RNC, never dreaming someone would love this Nation enough to, and have the resources to, SELF FUND, thus seriously challenging and finally destroying a primary control mechanism. That person (Trump) meeting up with the tens of millions of Truth and Liberty Lovers, (The REAL Tea Party) who LOVE this nation and were not willing to see it cease to be a nation, but did not have the resources or coordination capacity to truly organize, together they became a serious FORCE, hopefully, a CONQUERING ARMY.

But we have to be realistic; we have not WON anything yet. All we have done is raise an army, select a leader, and mounted the beach assault. Picture D-Day - we have just landed on the beach taking and causing tens of thousands of casualties. The enemy still holds the high ground and is shooting down at us, and we have to climb the hill, UNDER FIRE, JUST TO BEGIN THE WAR.

Like in all wars, this war is not about JUST liberty and the dignity of human beings, it is about the ECONOMIC model that can produce liberty and protect the dignity of man vs the Luciferian Model, where man is an inconvenience at best, and a virus on the planet at worse. It is truly the battle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death, as I have outlined before, but there are Trillions, even Quadrillions of Dollars at stake. I wrote a book in 1993 explaining how "Wall Street" had become "unstuck" from "Main Street."   Twenty-three years later people are GETTING IT.


Nothing has changed. Here we are in April, HALF A YEAR LATER and the battle with the Deep State has roiled incessantly in our ears via the 24/7 assault on all things TRUMP and by the intrigues and rumbles of a Continuity of Governance Coup d'Etat, and FAKE legislative effort from Trump's Republican FRENEMIES. Trump has to deal with Globalist Scum and Traitors on EVERY hand, in EVERY direction, and via the IN YOUR FACE Candor with this base, HE  - WE - WERE NOT WINNING. We had some early and wonderful victories, the greatest being the dismantling of the Globalist Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, (TPP)(
Killing the TPP killed the Trilateral Commission GANG of conspirators,[LINK]) and one LUNG of the Globalist Apparatus, leaving its corpse meaningless in the Pacific Realm. We had the collapse of the Marrakesh Morocco WORLD GOVERNMENT CONFERENCE, November 9th, 2016 [LINK] We avoided the Hillary Purgings, which were certain to have come. [LINK] And the announcement of the "intention" to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which to this date has not actually happened. We have the process begun to "Build the Wall" and illegal immigration is down to around forty percent of what it was a year ago, just by the proper authorities being freed from Globalist/Marxist restraint and encouraged to DO THEIR JOBS. Despite these early wins, with the massive power of the Globalists, of which Trump is FULLY AWARE, the early momentum has slowed to a crawl, and what had been an aggressive agenda had turned into the morass of defensively battling the FAKE NEWS Narrative (Russian Collusion) which was the prelude to the Coup d'etat by the "Continuity of Governance" Shadow Government, that was to be used like a sudden sledgehammer blow to Trump's skull, and ALL would have been OVER before we understood what had happened.  Trump's adoption of Globalist rhetoric, and doing a Wag the Dog bombing of a single desert airstrip crushed this Continuity of Governance plot, dead in it tracks, at least for now. 

This is not an elementary school fight in the schoolyard where the combatants are easily identified and the weapons and means of battle clear (soft fists and soft bones) NO! This is the most sophisticated type of warfare EVER waged upon the Planet, with the greatest liabilities and prizes at stake.  Slavery vs Liberty, Life vs Genocide, Poverty and Marxist delusion and TRILLIONS of DOLLARS, these are the spoils of victory or defeat in this War, the result of which will last CENTURIES, not mere decades, so crucial is this War to Human History.

The Truth and Liberty Movement has to MAN UP, and STAND. It cannot be an Ignorance and Reaction Movement any longer. It MUST be Proactive.  Rather than abandon Trump Rallies, we need to double down and attend them, and SHOW OUR DISPLEASURE, BOO WHEN NECESSARY, but hang together in solidarity with EACH OTHER, while we WORK (not wait) and see, whether this bombing of Syria was a brilliant Machiavellian maneuver or capitulation to the Globalist's Deep State.

Prayers for the twenty-seven Christians killed and many injured this Palm Sunday Morning, in two church bombings in Egypt, at the hands of Jihadis.  This is also OUR future if we do not hang tough and STAND together in defiance of the Globalist Luciferian/Marxist/Muslim/Neo Con Cabal that seeks our DEATH and destruction.  We don't have ANY OTHER OPTION.

4/9/2017, Palm Sunday Church Bombing. ISIS takes credit, death toll upgraded, at least 40 dead and more than a hundred wounded. Lord Have Mercy.


Post Script:  Steven Bannon is NOT the give all tell all in the Trump Administration, where his loss would prove "game over."  It is easy to lapse into that sort of rhetoric, but THINK, Trump was blowing the lid off the establishment/Globalist Cabal, when Bannon was STILL backing the Globalist Puppet Ted Cruz, and Bannon's new outlet, "Breitbart" was blasting Trump every day, literally demeaning him in disparaging articles. It was not until the Billionaire owner of Breitbart, Robert Mercer discovered Ted Cruz lying to his face about his dealings with two major banks, and disposition of personal property that Bannon even took a serious look at Trump.  The point being that Trump was on the Truth and Liberty Bandwagon, YEARS before Bannon decided to back him. 

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