Sunday, April 23, 2017

The pre-Trump, "Obama-Bush-Clinton-Bush" Chaos continues. The question is how much of the mechanism designed to create the chaos has Trump already destroyed? Frankly, with the Trump White House's terse public statements, always stating things with a big broad brush that in some cases are nearly meaningless, and the CIAmerican Fake Stream Media's CONSTANT lies, we really do not know. Rex Christi of Liberty's Thunder Radio show opined two weeks ago, "How do you comment, how do you analyze when you have no data? We have no data?" He was talking about Trump's moves in Syria, which are much more clear two weeks later. But so much is not clear.

So let us remind ourselves what has to be dismantled.

Doug Hagmann wrote on April 23, 2012:"Riots, property destruction, chaos, and death seen in Athens and other European cities shown on the television news is coming to America very soon

"America and the world today is in chaos. Wars, rumors of wars, high gasoline prices, increasing food prices, growing divisions among races and between classes, current and impending financial collapses dominate the headlines. Critics and detractors of Barack Hussein Obama claim that it is a result of his failed policies that our house and much of the world is in such disarray. Investigation into the man known as Barack Hussein Obama II and the people behind him suggests otherwise.

"The chaos that presently exists domestically and across the globe is destined to get worse, but it’s not due to Obama’s inexperience or failed policies. Rather, it is the direct result of the implementation of his successful policies. The chaos in which we find ourselves is exactly what has been planned for decades. Chaos is the tactic, the means to an end, and not the result of failure of policy by the man known as Barack Hussein Obama II.

"We have seen only the tip of the full frontal assault of the chaos planned for this country. Actually, we haven’t seen anything yet.
"Connect the dots

"Investigative findings suggest that our present state of disorder was crafted long ago, compliments of a shadowy cabal of government leaders and their often unwitting lackeys, complicit media moguls and their eye-candy mouthpieces, and ideologues intent on changing the United States and thus the world. While this might sound like a bad fictional plot from the film noir genre, a good bit of investigation indicates otherwise."

After laying out the boiler plate reality of who Obama really is and what the goal really was, he listed a series of "dots" to connect, and were we to add to this list everything since April of 2012, the list of dots would indeed be long.

"Consider recent executive orders and other executive actions as “big dots” in our dot connecting exercise. The importance or relevance of these executive orders in our normal existence have either been downplayed or ignored by the media, and are subject to ridicule when brought up in political discussions. After all, they’ve been standard procedure since 1789.

DOT: On Friday, April 13, 2012, Obama signed an executive order titled ” Supporting Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Gas Resources.” This order is a stepping stone for the takeover of the natural gas (and related) industry. Moreover, it creates an oversight group headed by Ceclia Munoz, chairman of the White House Domestic Policy Council who connected to globalist George Soros and a number of other socialist groups antagonistic to private U.S. energy production.

DOT: On Friday, March 16, 2012, Obama signed the order on National Defense Resources Preparedness, which dramatically expanded the Defense Production Act of 1950, and essentially gives Obama the power to take over our national resources and infrastructure for reasons that are no longer limited to times of war or declared states of national emergency.

DOT: On February 9, 2012, Obama signed Executive Order 13600, “Establishing the President’s Global Development Council,” which is an enhancement of the 2010 National Security Strategy and the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development. In short, it is internal subjugation to a global agenda, or global governance.

DOT: Consider that the Department of Homeland Security recently acquisitioned 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition (an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity, one year contract with 4 option years). Hollow points, as well, which are not used for target practice. Also consider that the Department of agriculture has ordered 326,000 rounds of mixed caliber ammunition this month as well.

DOT: Consider that the executive branch has the unfettered authority to execute American Citizens deemed “a threat.”

DOT: Several unconfirmed reports indicate that the Department of Homeland Security have ordered Mine Resistant Anti-personnel Carriers (MRAPs) for deployment in the United States.

DOT: During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing in March, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey openly admitted that their authority comes not from the U.S. Constitution, but they take their orders from the United Nations and NATO, international bodies over which the American people have no democratic influence.

DOT: Consider other reports of FEMA quarters being readied here in the U.S., ostensibly for disaster relief and protection of its citizens. In consideration of everything else taking place, can we afford to take their word for this “preparation?”

Readers can fill in numerous other “dots” unaddressed here. The point is that it would appear that final preparations are being made not necessarily for the protection of our citizens, but against them. By a man in the Oval Office whose legal name we do not know, and whose allegiance is suspect at best."
(Hagmann Article Link - 

 We cannot write in terms of "recovering" because that would be more than deceptive since we are AT WAR, and in the FOG of WAR we really have no or better stated, "little data."  Some of that little data is HUGE, like blowing up the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement,[LINK] but we still have not exited the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the second of the two most enslaving Globalist Agreements.  Some think we will remain a member like a virus in a cell to blow it up, since giving up the American Voice in it, would not kill it. They may be right. Yet, the mechanism of control represented by that agreement is indeed DANGEROUS.  (Insight on the state of Climate Change negotiations under Trump [LINK])
The announcement has been made, notice given to Canada and Mexico of our intention to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. Again, the presence of this Globalist mechanism of control represents a danger we do not need.

Have any of Obama's draconian anti-Liberty police state executive orders been rescinded?  In the Fog of War, we do not know.  I read at least one-hundred articles or more from the FAKE STREAM Media and other sources from all around the world everyday, and listen to every pronouncement from the White House, and in that FOG of verbiage, truthfully, there is very little information, little hard data. 

I understand Trump's need to "cloak" since this is WAR, and you cannot broadcast your every next move to your friends without informing your enemies. I get it.  The only answer is to stay alert, examine the slivers of broken data, try to paste together the puzzle pieces, and to give Trump fair warning, that this needed lack of openness, must not, cannot, will not be accepted as a permanent reality of the NEW AMERICA.  We are at WAR, and no war can succeed without giving proper direction to the foot soldiers who ARE YOUR Power, Mr. President.

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