Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The New Trump Paradigm. Kindergarten is OVER. All of us who so enjoyed hearing Trump speak candidly the TRUTHS we all knew existed but were buried under a mountain of Cultural Marxist/Political Correctness and Marxist Multi-Culturalism and Globalist lies are screaming like babies weaned from the teat, seeing Trump enter a new level of the game, having to make himself more enigmatic, cloaked and removed, even having to engage in deceptive language to win the Civil War that is being waged against him (and all of us) by the Deep State and their Psyops FAKE Stream Media. As Rex Christi (Liberty's Thunder co-host) reminds us on an endless loop, "ALL WAR IS DECEPTION."

The Globalist-Cultural Marxist Establishment has been using the simple tactic of "confuse and defuse" against their opposition for decades. We just saw Trump use the same tactic on them, reminding them that he has command of American Military forces, and is not as powerless as they had envisioned him.

The FAKE NEWS Headlines for 4/11/2017 prove my point.

Time headline: Allies Have Big Questions Over America's Hazy Syria Policy.

FACT: Art of the Deal. A "hazy Syria policy" equals a "hazy Russian policy" and that is exactly what Trump needs to negotiate, plus it destroyed the Russian Collusion psyop the Deep State was running against Trump.

CNN headline: Trump denies climate change, but could one day be its victim.

FACT: Trump has never denied "Climate Change" but Man Made Global Warming, and Man Made Climate Change. And yes it is a natural phenomenon and yes we all experience the weather with all of its blessings and helps and inconvenience and sometimes damaging and deadly reality.

CBS NEWS: Trump's team showing signs of decay involving key players.

FACT: This is a meaningless psyops meme generator likely to be parroted verbatim by a thousand "independent" journalists (read, psyops reading wonks).

Politico: Tillerson readies for tough talk with Russia.

FACT: Most likely the word "tough" should be replaced with "Welcomed" talks, because the Russians have been encouraging the American administration to sit and talk about serious issues, repeatedly suggesting these high-level talks for FOUR YEARS.

CNN: Picture of the Neo-Con Traitor Lindsey Graham - "How Syria is shuffling Trump-era politics"

FACT: Trump has purposely confused the hell out of them, especially the Neo-Con War Mongers and the idiot isolationists.

CNN: US missile strike took out 20% of Syria's air force Mattis claims.

FACT: It was widely reported the 20% of Syria's air force was grounded due to lack of American replacement parts. Trump wiped out their old planes that were in disrepair.

Politico headline: Trump takes control of the GOP Machine.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war,
while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
- Sun Tzu

FACT: The article outlines the Trump people ousting Trump skeptics from key state positions all across the country and consolidating deep power within the party, and now taking over the national apparatus. All while you thought Trump was confused and his administration in disarray.

CNN: Infighting causes clashes in Trump White House.

Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight
a hundred battles without disaster.
- Sun Tzu

FACT: Trump set these people in place, what the Fake Stream Media has labeled Team Bannon vs Team Priebus. It is the Art of the Deal, no one can predict what Trump's next move will be. FACT Team Bannon has been getting bigger. Is that a head fake?

The skillful employer of men will employ the wise man,
the brave man, the covetous man, and the stupid man.
- Sun Tzu

I love the Washington Post's headline: They picture Sean Spicer scowling and say: "More words don't clarify the president's approach to Syria" <smile> NO Joke Jake. So-called allies, most of which are DEADLY enemies of the American People, are confused, the Deep State is confused, the Neo-Cons are confused, the Fake Stream Media is so confused they cannot run and fake counter-narrative.

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