Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My beloved and sincere Roman Catholic Friends.

Nothing creates in me more sadness and frankly, frustration, than witnessing my Roman Catholic Friends reach for THE FAITH once and for all delivered unto the saints, (Jude 1:1-4) uncontaminated by Cultural Marxism, and finding only the "Latin Mass" an innovation, upon innovations.  Listen closely to this Roman Catholic author explain Tradition as "what has previously happened, never to be forgotten." Sorry, that is "custom" not "Tradition" and it was your own "Traditionalist Cardinal" Fulton Sheen, in HIS OWN VOICE, who suggested it.  REALLY, was he CLUELESS of the meaning of Tradition? Sadly, YES HE WAS. 

THINK PEOPLE, we are humans, created by God, given natural instruments of worship - the Human Body and the Human Voice.  Do we need a pipe organ? Violins?

Do we need a "holy language?"  Latin? Church Slavonic?

Isn't our own vulgar tongue enough? 

Did "I AM" show up on the mountain, speaking some original HOLY LANGUAGE?  Or did the Eternal ALL, speak to Moses in HIS OWN TONGUE?

Cardinal Fulton Sheen was a sincere soul, (I love him) but he represented the last chance for Roman Catholicism, and even what he taught was rank with innovations upon the TRUTH, upon the HOLY and NON-man-made, Tradition.

I would hate to be a Roman Catholic and dependent upon the 1940s version of INNOVATION, for SANITY (i.e. Salvation).  Yet, the 1940s version is LIGHT YEARS closer to the TRUTH (Jesus Christ) than is the 2017 version of Roman Catholicism.

Innovations:  I had a conversation with one of my favorite Roman Catholics this week, about the date of Easter.  He, of course, shamed the Orthodox Tradition for not following the Innovative, Naturalist, Modernist Roman Tradition, so we could, every year, celebrate Easter in "unity."  He is an observant fellow, yet he has not observed that in the "liturgical Church" every church that has bowed to the New Calendar (Innovation) has also bowed to Cultural Marxism.  REX, once you bow to "rational" innovations, you give to "science" the power of TRUTH?  You said to me something about the Orthodox Catholic Church needing the "regularize" to the cycles of the moon. Really?  Should we also "regularize" to the "science of Global Warming" of "Gender Identity?" Regularize to the ordination of women, and dike bishops?

Every New Calendar Jurisdiction is BOUND by one or more of the innovations I just mentioned or struggling to reach it.

Tell me, what difference does it make that the Church calendar will eventually place Christmas in the Spring?  Serious Question Rex? What difference will it make?

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