Saturday, April 22, 2017

Is Trump a backer or a dupe?

Trump's friends and business partners in Indonesia are backing a coup against the democratically elected government there.  Actually backing the general who was directly responsible for the slaughter of 400,000 Christians in East Timor, under the old CIA-backed regime. The face of this revolutionary move is, believe it or not, ISIS, that is Islamists/Jihadis allied with and philosophically aligned with ISIS. (i.e., a CIA backed insurrection)

It is a real question whether this is a

sad coincidence, but one beneficiary of the coup, if successful, or even if simple chaos is created in the country, is Carl Icahn, one of Donald Trump's heroes, friend, and top backer. Carl owns the mining company, Freeport-McMoRan, that is being challenged by the present government, to renegotiate their contract with the Indonesian Government.

This post, nor the videos are a right or wrong judgment of Trump's involvement, rather this is an informational lesson, so that events in the future will tell us who Trump ultimately is by showing us whether he stands with Truth, and the protection of the Christian minority, or for the benefit of his close friend, creates the next round of Christian genocide in Indonesia. This is an acid test and sounds all too familiar. Another CIA-backed coup, using ISIS/Jihadi/Radical Islam, but with the twist of Trump's friends and business associates being on the side of the Jihadis.

I KNOW the videos are "Democracy Now" but as I have demonstrated in the past, sometimes they get it right.  This is a level handed report, giving the facts of the situation with only one lie, that I discern, and that is Journalist Allan Nairn's description of the first iteration of Trump's so-called "Muslim Ban".  Aside from that it is rather non-political.

journalist Allan Nairn

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