Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Message To My Christian Friends - Vote TRUTH 2012

I love you guys, and I don't want to wear out my welcome, because post election, no matter who is elected we are in a world of trouble. Every person who knows that Life, Liberty and Property are God Given, SACRED Inalienable Rights will need to work very hard and we will need one another because NOTHING is to be solved by this election.  

We Christians "speak" with our vote and it is an unusual speaking, because it is not speculative speaking, or casual speaking, but "authorizing an envoy, authorizing a surrogate for ourselves, whose actions are empower by our VOTE." This is important to grasp because we are not two things, secular citizens and then Christian, if we are really Christian, then we are Christian Citizens. 

As a general statement, American Christians have become shallow, some born into shallow sects of Christianity where music and emotion have become more important than truth and virtue.  As Ravi Zacharias says, "Emotive and Shallow, instead of Thoughtful and Committed." The former is more worried how something makes them feel than concerned with the real effect of their words and actions. The latter is willing to thoughtfully endure the Cross so the effect, no matter how small, may be grounded in TRUTH. Zacharias introduced this thought with the statement that "the failure in America, is not the failure of the government or society, but the failure of the Christian Church." I agree with him. We cannot wonder why we are getting a paganized culture of death, obviously powerless against the onslaught of satanic Islam, when we are willing to VOTE for humanists, cultists, pagans and islamists. 

The saddest part is that most American Christians seem to think that their Christianity is some "religion in a box" so that they have a religious life and a secular life, and because of this ignorance, most Christians are not really Christian at all but merely "religionists." I'm probably one of the least religious persons you will ever meet. Those around me rarely hear anything out of my mouth that is overtly "religious" or an exhortation to morals and/or ethics. But they constantly hear love and truth shed upon every topic. 

I really hate religion as an end in itself, but I LOVE LIFE and all that is life engendering. Life and Death has been the foundation of my thinking for a very long time. When I was fourteen years of age, I attended a nominal church with my girl friend. It made her mother comfortable.  It was a nice church, the people were nice, the sermons were interesting and in my heart I knew it was all "religion." There was nothing in it that challenged DEATH. It was all about better, wiser, easier ways to make it through life. My sweetheart seeing that I was not very impressed said to me, "I don't see your problem. Isn't the purpose of Church to make you a good person? The pastor's a good person, most of the people are good people."
I said, "Morality is relative in religion and non religion. My neighbors are agnostic, hardworking and moral, but they are dead."
She said, "What do you mean dead?"
| said, "Walking talking corpse, whose entire existence is tied to their next heart beat. People who have never had a charitable thought for anyone but themselves. That is not living."
She said, "If they are good people or not, I say live and let live."  

I said, "God's son didn't come to earth, sacrifice himself on the Cross to make bad people good, but to make dead people live."

I find the Republican and Democrat candidates for President equally evil, equally repugnant to Truth, equally deluded in false religions, equally dangerous to the good. I don't think it is possible for a Christian to support either one without the act being sinful and death engendering. (If you are interested I can explain in detail why I think this.) Several have said to me, "I do not feel I am compromising my faith, to vote for a Mormon or a Muslim" etc. 

I have shared this so you can understand that the idea of compromising faith can mean ten thousand things. It is upon the field of faith where the one ALIVE in Christ encounters, the Orthodox, the Heterodox, the Talmudic Hebrew, the Heretic, the Cultists, the Pagan, and the Luciferian Masters,- all these share faith, as a general term. But if we isolate what Christian Faith is, it is an absolute dedication to LIFE and everything that is LIFE engendering with no exceptions. And this dedication is not via pragmatism or rationalism, since we will surrender our very bodies to death for the sake of TRUTH.  It is rather FAITH in LIFE and TRUTH Himself, Who is Jesus Christ.

True Christian Faith says, short-vision outcome is NEVER our concern, but proper action, based upon The TRUTH, The LIFE and The WAY, in every small thing is our concern. So today, we have tens of millions of supposedly dedicated Christians, pridefully strategizing about outcome, "Obama is so evil we have to vote for Romney", reasoning with death laden pragmatism, hoping to effect short-vision-outcome for a blind gamble between loss or gain, and most likely loss not matter the election outcome.

I ask as a Christian: Where IS your FAITH, where is your TRUST?
It is placed in a worldly system, and the election of a cultist and NOT in God. 
Either we are of this world, reasoning according to wisdom of this world, having lost our leavening power in this world and thus becoming powerless against the culture, or we vote and act our principles. The former has adopted insincerity as motive, joined the ranks of Judas without realizing it, LITERALLY sacrificing TRUTH and LIFE for pragmatism and political advantage.  HOW? By voting for what we do not believe and do not wish to condone.  It is no different than Judas trying to reach his political ends, the overthrow of Roman rule by sacrificing TRUTH and LIFE Who walked with him. 

In real terms we have the choice that Judas faced. We face a terrible and tyrannical ruler in Barack Obama, just as Judas did.  We can LIE, like Judas did, pretend to follow Truth, when we are willing to betray HIM and vote for a cultist who supports many anti-life and sinful things, or we can Stand With Christ, face what ever that means, even if it is suffering, and vote for what is TRUE, by REFUSING to vote for what is CLEARLY EVIL. 

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