Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catholics Do Not Want You To Know The Word Of God

Or so the ignorant mythologies goes.

Some religionist, claiming to be Christian, claiming that the age of Prophecy and the age of Miracles ended with the Apostles, that Catholicism is evil and that the Church tried to suppress the word of God for 1200 years, received this reply from me:

AD, you, like many, who choose singular and individual interpretation of the Bible, take one artifact of the Tradition of The Christian Church, the Canon of Scriptures called the Holy Bible, as if it were a Koran, or a Book of Mormon, or some other channeled monstrosity of a demonic angel, some fantasy removed from history and create ignorant theology upon it. You force arbitrary interpretation upon it and even distort Church history to justify your actions. 

Yes, there was a time during the early enlightenment when faced with winds of change, the Franco-Latin War Lords who had taken control of the Roman See, who were abusing the peasantry, feared the common person having access to the scriptures, in the vernacular. But you also fail to realize that in that same period every educated person in Western Culture read, wrote and spoke Latin, just as English is used today in India. And for that class, the scriptures were easily available.  Access to the masses was quickly gained anyway, through technology and political changes. (And as documented in Foxes Book of Martyrs, I don't want to say there was not a real struggle at the time).  

I have a copy of the first bible translated into English. It is called "The Bishop's Bible" published in 1568. Your story of a 1200 year suppression of God's word by the Christian Church is pure fantasy. 

I will bet you do not know the history of the massive salvation of ancient culture, the Greek Classics and literature accomplished by the Christian Church against the Mohammedian hordes, who burned libraries, monasteries and churches. Read "How the Irish Saved Civilization." 

I bet you don't know the great history of Coptic Biblical literature.

I will bet you also do not know the history of Saint Cyril and Methodius who sacrificed their lives, studying the Slavic languages and created an alphabet, so that the oral Slavic languages could have a written from. Thus opening the Christian Tradition, which included the Canon of Scripture you call "the bible" to the Bulgarians, the Moldavians, the Serbians, the Kosovars, the Ukrainians, the Belarusians and finally the Moscovites. ALL of Eastern Europe from the Alps to Eurasia, gained the Christian faith, Liturgy and Scripture ALL in their native tongue, nothing hidden from them. It was the birth of literature, and education for that entire section of the world. These were the uneducated barbarians, who became highly educated and Christian. (And a foot note, without these Christian in place, Western Europe would have never withstood the Mohammedian Hoards.)

AD, Whomever is your teacher, if you have ever had enough humility to submit to one, isn't doing a very good job.

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