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The Marxist/Muslim Axis - Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

 I wrote this a year ago, see if it was "insightful"?  But remember that Republicans were calling me racist, islamophobic, a nut job etc.  Are they ever singing a new tune today.

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What I'm saying is that the Marxist/Muslim Axis has been in existence and actively working in concert since at least the 1920s. So then the anti-Colonialist, Obama, is also anti-Christian and anti-capitalist. The tools he uses while serving his base psychology, his ingrained craving for "Social Justice" (read revenge) are Muslim and Marxist.

(1) He has used Marxist principles in the U.S. to tear our system apart, weaken our defenses, cause social unrest, destroy the middle class base that has made our country unique in the world, especially targeting small business people who "see him." In this he has greatly increased poverty on the individual level and poverty on the national level with massive debt.

(2) Next, he as cooperated with the Muslim Brotherhood to take out the strong men in the Middle East who were friends with capitalists. This is the reason he let Iranian youth be slaughtered while holding placards that read "Obama Help Us." His "Liberty Speech" in Cairo is seen to be the worst sort of cynicism, using the human craving for "liberty" to create the Muslim Caliphate. The Mullahs of Iran ARE part of the greater Calipha. No way Obama will touch them. And if Israel does, he will punish them.

By comparison, he stumbled all over himself to stand with the rebels in Tunisia, and to quickly take out Mubarik and Gaddafi. Presently, the head of Yemen is begging the Obama Administration not to kill him, to please let him leave and they won't let him leave! If I were the Saudi Royal family right now I would be very afraid. In this effort, using American influence, covert opts and military might, Obama has already returned to the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood the land of the original Caliphate conquered by Saladin.

Although Obama doesn't give one whit for Israel and wouldn't lift a finger to help them, he is temporarily appeasing them for the support of the Jewish Lobby because of his re-election bid. He obviously finds the idea of Israel an affront to his Muslim heart, but is very patient where they are concerned. Why worry about them when he is uniting the Caliphate. The Caliphate with take care of Israel.

(3) There is another Marxist/Muslim threat growing south of our border. It is common knowledge that the Marxist revolutionaries in Central and South America morphed into "Drug Cartels" following the fall of the Soviet Union. The truth is they had been Drug Cartels all along. Some of the pro-capitalist "criminal" non-political Drug Cartels existed and grew in the same period, but it is these Cartels that are presently being taken out by the Marxist with a new infusion of money, manpower and tactics coming from Hezbollah and Hamas and the U.S. So, there is a growing Marxist/Muslim Army south of our border. It has already killed more people than the casualties of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. The Obama Administration has been caught red handed with "Project Gunrunner" and "Project Fast and Furious" funneling arms to the Marxist/Muslim Army there.

(4) The home front is two fold:
(a) Cooperating with Muslim Brotherhood front groups to promote Islam here in the U.S. and by "lawfare" to challenge everything of our Judeo/Christian heritage and traditions.

(b) Cooperating with our home grown Marxists for the same purpose. But EVERY move Obama makes is Marxist/Muslim at its core.

Now here is the most frightening aspect of all, at least to me, since I believe it is the least known and least accepted fact. The reason that Obama could and can go after Al Qiada with such violence - increased exponentially over Bush's efforts, is that Al Qiada committed a major tactical blunder that threatens to destroy decades of "stealth warfare" on the part of the Marxist/Muslim Axis. The frontal assault awakened a few million people in the U.S. who were totally unaware of our history of war with Mohammedans. In the effort to try to understand 9/11/2001 people realized that it wasn't new, that serious attacks had happened before. The Marxist/Muslim Axis doesn't care if you understand the history of "terror." That is not what they are all about. And in this they hold very little in common with Al Qiada. 

You see, Al Qiada hates Marxists just as much as it hates the West. The Al Qiada and Al Shabab terror groups, (and some others) are too purist Muslim and refuse to cooperate, and maintain their "place" in the grand scheme, while the Marxist/Muslim Axis takes the West out with little violence from within. Just as the Marxist began a generation ago to destroy American Moral Foundations through "behaviourist education" in the public schools (read brainwashing), they have begun a massive effort of Islamization under the guise of sensitivity training. The same Marxists, who are screaming bloody murder at the thought of saying "Merry Christmas" in a public school or someone uttering a prayer invoking the name of Jesus Christ, are teaching Muslim prayers, handing out prayer rugs, and teaching the enlightened virtues of Sharia Law! 

The point being, the violent terrorist are in the way and threaten to expose the insurgents who are already inside our borders playing oh so nice and oh so concerned about "Islamophobia." They are in high positions in government and sitting next to the Secretary of Defense, The Secretary of State, and in the White House. Then there is that greatest insurgent of all ages and history, the Marxist/Muslim Trojan Horse, rolled into the White House on a propaganda campaign of Hope and Change.

NOTE: Of course this article will be labelled "Islamophobic." Please understand that "Islamophobia" is a hate/propaganda term, used by the Marxist/Muslim Axis to demonise anyone who sees them clearly and dares say what is TRUE about them.

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