Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are Mormons and Muslims That Different?

In past decades, I worked with many caught in cults and fully understand the mind numbing danger of Mormonism in a way few do. I've seen the destruction of families, the kidnapping and even assassination of ex-mormons. I've seen the dogma of "spirit wives" create situations of incest inside Mormon families and generations struggle with the resultant damage.

Does any cult on earth have the right to threaten this family pictured here, or try to kidnap these boys from their loving parents?

My Dear Friend, Ambrose S., now an Orthodox Christian shared his own experience of falling in love and marrying a Mormon girl who chose to leave her cult.

 Ambrose relates:
"The Mormon religion tried to break up my family. They tried to convince my wife to leave me and give our baby up to another family. They promised her they would hide her away and help her start a new life without me or our child. They promised her they would make sure that I never would find her.

"Why would they do this? Because I'm not a Mormon and my wife left the Mormon cult to marry me. Unfortunately our son passed away when he was 6 weeks old. A few months after our second son was born my wife's mom tried to have my son kidnapped. I was attacked by my mother-n-law and two of her sons while her other son tried to gain access through another door with two other people who were going to take my son and disappear. I fended everyone off, grabbed my wife and son and diaper bag and fled in our vehicle. We were chased for several miles until I lost them. Afterwards I investigated everything that happened and found out the mother in law had spent ten thousand dollars to fund the kidnapping and it was sanctioned by the Mormons. They have a whole network established to break up families where one is married to a non Mormon. I don't trust them and I definitely don't trust Mitt Romney."

I would take this as evidence of a truly sick or sadistic mother-in-law, or the active imagination of Ambrose, if I did not know of many such cases some ending with less happy result. Those people who think of Mormonism as a sort of "flaky Protestantism or Christianity-Lite" are clueless to the reality of Mormonism. Those nice Mormons who tell a different story about their cult are as reliable as those nice Muslims who tell a different story about the barbarity of Islam. ONLY false religions and cults tamper with the relationship between good parents and their own offspring.  Only false religions and cults make the "religious goal" larger and more important than the God Given Natural relationship of good parent to child. More and more, humanism is challenging this gift of God, the sacredness of the Family, as well, which tells you that Humanism, based upon Darwinism is also a cult, a religions not a philosophy. 

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