Monday, October 8, 2012

NDAA According to Ray McGovern - Former CIA Analyst

The National Defense Authorization Act: When was it actually signed?  Just before midnight on New Years Eve 2011.  Many other dates have been given, but it was actually signed as stated.  The other dates later in the spring are the result of faulty reporting as the document releases from WIKILEAKS were digested, are still being digested.
Who Authored the NDAA? Here is the lineup of the authors:

Senator Lieberman

Senator Graham

Senator John McCain
President and Dictator Obama

What was the major evil of the NDAA? 

First, to understand the power and authority of this legislation one must face a few things:
(1) Under the National Emergency Act of September 14th, 1976, when the President declares a state of National Emergency, that means that he has taken complete control of the Government with the right to operate outside of any Constitutional restraint.
(If you doubt my word, do your own research of the act and its history as I have, along with subsequent legislation and executive orders inside the act.)

(2) George Walker Bush declared a state of national emergency on 9/14/2001 (on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the act's passage) and subsumed Dictatorial powers. He kept renewing that state of emergency until Obama took office. Obama has continued to renew the "declaration(s)" in fact there are more than thirty (30) open declarations of national emergency.

(3) As Dictator using a soft glove, Bush started passing legislation to legitimize the destruction of the Constitution and the voiding of the Bill of Rights. (this was already in the act, but he ordered congress to affirm him for show) This was done with several instruments, but the most important being "The Patriot Act."   

(4) When Barack Obama was sworn in as President, the reason that Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the actual swearing in oath is because he knew it to be a sham, that to swear to "Protect and Defend the Constitution" was a lie.  After creating a faulty "swearing in" Roberts was ordered to repeat the process and did so. What this process was, who knows.  

(5) So now, Barack Obama is the first POST-Constitutional President, sworn into office where even the "Oath of Office" was antiquated, an artifact of a different era, were the very words had become LIE.

Just like George Bush first took dictatorial control through the National Emergency Act, (NEA) and then required the congress to pass legislation mirroring his NEA authority, to help legitimize his Dictatorship, Obama has required congress to act a number of times to legitimize executive orders already in place.

Bush started the "signing statements" accompanying bills he signed into law, outlining what he would accept and what he would reject and not enforce. This is not allowed under the constitution but with the constitution suspended it is LEGAL.  In a signing statement in a previous NDAA, Bush stated that he would not enforce the 
Posse Comitatus Act, which bands the use of American Military Forces for internal police matters. Bush ordered the creation of a "homeland army."  Obama in his first NDAA, had the Posse Comitatus Act voided, it is no longer the law of the land. And he authorize troops for use against American Citizens and created a new "command" for the army Bush had created, NorthCom. 

The NDAA of January 31st signed almost at midnight 2011, authorized the arrest without charge, indefinite imprisonment without trial or right of habeas corpus  of any American Citizen "suspected of supporting terrorism."  Obama change the wording to any deemed "a threat to national security" the exact same power Stalin held in Communist Russia, where he slaughter tens of millions.  In other words, anyone at any time can be kidnapped by the government and held in solitary confinement, no notification to family or lawyers etc, for ANY REASON deemed to have met the definition by the president.

Now, outside of the political system, we have to get past the Right/Left FAKE paradigm, and each of us become an existential threat to the NWO, because unless we do, we will never recover our Liberty. We have to adopt the Iceland answer:

Free Enterprise Vs Capitalism - There is a difference.

Those people still occupied with this present election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are cattle, pacified in the pasture, mooing loudly for their next bale of hay, as the puppet masters, exchange White House Puppets.
People take a look at the authors of the NDAA that LEGALLY VOIDED the Bill of Right and the RIGHT OF HABEAS CORPUS . . . COME ON SCROLL Down, LOOK AT THE PICTURES.  HOW MANY DEMOCRATS? HOW MANY REPUBLICANS, HOW MANY INDEPENDENTS?  One Democrat, TWO Republicans, One Independent. 

They accented to the suspension of the RIGHT of Habeas Corpus!  It was already so via the National Emergency Act, but THEY ACCENTED TO IT, directly in unambiguous language.

Do you realize that the Right of Habeas Corpus comes from the MAGNA CARTER? It was recognized as a HUMAN RIGHT many centuries before this country was founded, centuries before the Declaration of Independence, centuries before the Constitution. It is VOIDED NOW in this country and for us, making of our Government an ENEMY.

Can you grasp that VOTING in a Dictatorship requires a different tactic than voting in a democratic republic, like we used to be. The following video will show you why your present voting patterns have enslaved you.

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