Monday, October 1, 2012

Know You Enemy's Methods - Religious Outrage a Means of Cultural Conquest

Political Islam will never stop, it has to be stopped. We have to see and understand its methods and reject them.  We cannot ever surrender to the idea that Political Islam may win the debate by cutting out our tongues. This is a struggle, not between Civilizations, but between Savagery and Civilization. Foundational to Liberty is Free Speech, and Free Speech is the most potent weapon against Political Islam. We will NEVER surrender our right to speak and to speak TRUTH to Islam.

Al Jazera and the Christian Science Monitor report:
In an area where few people have access to the internet, once again Political Islam has used a supposed internet offence against Islam as an excuse to carry out a planned and coordinated assault on non-Muslims. This time Buddhist in Southern Bangladesh. The Muslim thugs arrived en mass at a specific time, in the middle of the night, many on buses, a rioting mob estimated to be more than twenty-five thousand strong who burned, desecrated and destroyed dozens of Buddhist Temple and hundreds of Buddhist shrines and hundreds of homes of Buddhist citizens.

Why fear making a clear statement of Christian Principles in the face of Political Islam, in the face of their assault on our culture and our lands. They are at war with everyone, even many who are Muslim. Learn the lesson that as long as you are non-muslim, breathing and not submitted in slavish dhimmidute, THEY ARE AT WAR WITH YOU.

From the Christian Science Monitor.

Al Jazeera

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