Friday, October 19, 2012

When is choosing LIFE wrong?

A nameless person - a well meaning nominal Christian whose Christianity does not rise above the common paganism of the culture says:

"This is why I like debate: I always learn something new, and I am always forced to think more deeply about my own views.

I used the word dance figuratively to acknowledge that my views on abortion do reflect engage an element of moral relevance. I was acknowledging that.

I'm not lecturing you anymore than you are lecturing me at this point. Although, I prefer to think of it as dialogue for the sake of understanding each other's point of view and stimulating deeper thinking & engaging with multiple perspectives.

I obviously do not share your world view or reverence for Judeo Christian influence in the world.

I never see choosing life as wrong. I admire the choice to give birth even in the case of rape. However, this is a choice that should not be forced on a woman, from my perspective.

A number of years ago I read The Atonement Child, by Francine Rivers. It is the story of a girl who chooses to keep her baby, who was conceived through rape. The story was very moving, and influenced me to know that I would want to make that same choice if I were ever in that position. Choosing life is good, but how can someone choose life if choice is removed. Anyone who is choosing abortion must be in a terrible position, and is probably devastated by that choice. How can we minister to her so that the choice not to abort becomes hers, and not one that is imposed on her?"

Piano Butch "I never see choosing life as wrong. I admire the choice to give birth even in the case of rape. However, this is a choice that should not be forced on a woman, from my perspective. "

That statement defies the metaphysical reality of the female. YOU are female, I am Male and there is a difference.

You are comparing the value of ease and comfort, 

the value of pain and suffering, 
maybe even promotion of "convenience" as legitimate and worthy OVER the LIFE OF A HUMAN BEING.

Do the two compare??
Ease vs LIFE?
Comfort vs LIFE?
Pain vs LIFE?
Suffering vs LIFE?
Convenience vs LIFE?
When in any SANE society or world is it permissible to KILL, for ease, for comfort, for convenience?

What suffering SHOULD a human endure for the life of another? 

Saint Maria of Paris
Saint Maria of Paris, seeing a pregnant whore, a collaborator with the Nazis, the child being a bastard child of a NAZI guard at Ravensbruck Death Camp, stepped in line and took the whore's place just one day before the camp was liberated, and freely walked into the gas chamber and died for that woman a stranger to her. Was Mother Maria a fool? Or did she understand something YOU, Jessica do not? 

Now understand that I am sympathetic when I say, SHAME ON YOU!  It is kindness when I say, "You need to learn the value of LIFE."  It is true when I say, in your watered down semi-christian experience you have forgotten that the Human Being is form in the Image of his Creator, and that what animates the heart of a child in the womb, is the spark of creative energy from God HIMSELF.  This is no light thing to understand.

You say again:

"Choosing life is good, but how can someone choose life if choice is removed."

That's like saying a beating heart is good, but shouldn't we have the option of stopping it, so we can choose its beating? 

Give me a hint what that sentence is suppose to mean, otherwise?
What life exists without suffering?
What life exists without inconvenience?
What life has no troubles attached?
In your comfortable cocoon, removed from the realities of LIFE you have invented a fantasy world where no one is called to suffer?

Now examine the humanist philosophy you previously offered me:
You, previously made the ridiculous claim that humankind had "evolved" in the last two hundred plus years since our founding. And gave this "evolving" as a reason for the toleration of the carnage of abortion. You are about to learn how ridiculous that presumption is.

What has happened is a DEVOLUTION. Remember the word "devolution" because it will explain 99% of your philosophical base.

In the last forty years we have SLAUGHTERED more human life than existed in North America at the time of our country's founding. 

60 Million human beings NOT with us.
Can we gauge the genius missing? NO WE CANNOT!
Can we gauge the inventions not invented? NO WE CANNOT!
Can we gauge the discoveries not discovered? NO WE CANNOT!
IN FACT we are living some alternative consciousness, some universe NOT of God's invention, A DEVOLVED and ignorant society and world, missing the input of these 60 million Innocent American Citizens.
Worldwide since 1990 the number is over 1.6 BILLION missing people by abortion.


But since it is ordinary LIFE, removed from the glitz and glamour of the cultural MEME and big screen, you don't get it. - And that is very, very sad. Because it governs the possibility of the survival of the human species on the planet earth.

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