Friday, October 26, 2012

Habeas Corpus - our lost right.

The principle of habeas corpus goes back a long way in English law. It was extended as a right to the royalty and land owners under King John in the Magna Carta, in the year 1215.  It was extended to all citizens in the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679.  It maintains the right of the subject to protection from unlawful imprisonment.  People who believe themselves to be held illegally can apply to the High Court for a writ of habeas corpus - which means literally "produce the body."  Their legal representative is allowed to interrupt any other proceedings with the cry, "My Lord, I have a matter concerning the liberty of the subject!" when making the application, since so grave an issue is at state, and the judge may then direct that the person be brought before him, so that a judgement can be made on the legality of the detention.

Habeas Corpus was codified in American Law, first under Colonial Rule and after independence. 

After EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS of this right of Habeas Corpus being a cornerstone of Western Civilization, President George Bush suspended this right under the Emergency Powers Act, and then codified this denial of Habeas Corpus through the Patriot Act.  Read it again. For the First time in eight hundred years of history in any English speaking country, the right of Habeas Corpus was destroyed in America by President Bush and the Republican Congress who supported his despotic action and legislation.

What do you suppose this means?    Why do you suppose no one has ask Romney or Obama, "Will you restore the unquestioned right of Habeas Corpus?" 

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