Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Special Prayers Those Challenged by the Storm

My heart goes out to all those who have lost homes to wind, water and fire. 

30 to 50 mph winds today, not unusual where I live. Prayers for the safety of all challenged by this storm.

Those of you who have tilted your head up and with reason analyzed what you have seen, you will know that for years the government has been dumping chemicals in the atmosphere. In my area more days than not they are flying the same grids and dumping chemicals. We rarely have more than one or two "natural sky days" anymore.  When that happens it is a blessing. I have taken hundreds of pictures of the chemical dumping. All explanations offered have been more ridiculous than the wild theories. I probably won't live long enough to know the consequences of this chemical dumping when the truth is finally exposed. One thing I do know for sure it will, and probably already has had, intended and unintended consequences.

Here are pictures of the government weakening a hurricane that was headed for Los Angeles a few months ago. Notice in the upper left hand grid a pattern that looks like tic-tac-toe. That image represents massive chem trails. They caused the Hurricane to dissipate before reaching the Mexico or California coast.  Please save all accusations that the photos are fake.  Every picture here I took myself except the one above. This first series are screen capture satellite images from the weather channel. One cannot help but wonder why they didn't use the same method to kill Hurricane Sandy before it could meet up with the other weather systems that created this super-storm?

As you scroll down notice the time line. This picture taken at 6:pm.


This picture includes the pointer where the man on the weather channel was pointing out the fact that they were massively seeding the clouds.   The total area they were covering was about a thousand miles square each of the line represents a width of about ten miles. 

I took these next two pictures on 9.26.2012.  There are two planes in the picture. I caught a regular plane, with a normal contrail, passing the chem-trail plane. The normal con-trail is just faintly visible, you will have to look closely. 

Here is another example of a contrail and a chem-trail. I took this in January of 2012 - as you can see there is not comparison.
 What follows is a series of picture of Contrail Grids over Lake County Indiana. These are just a few of the hundreds of days I've captured.

 Just can't help wondering what our benevolent government is dumping on us. After all government is good and always has our best interests at heart. They have never been caught actively suppressing population growth(abortion - Obamacare - New Medicare rules for the elderly ill) or killing innocent unsuspecting citizens (Tuskegee Experiments and 20th Century Eugenics Experiments). They totally respect our rights as citizens (Suspension of Constitution under the Emergency Powers Act, gutting the Bill of Rights by the Patriot Act, and voiding The Right of Habeas Corpus under all three). They would never feed chemical to us to control us, (CIA/NSA L.S.D. Brothel Patrons experiments, in New York City, massive importing of drugs to radicals in the inner city to several major U.S. cities for purposes of suppression, female hormones in food and the emotional suppression factor of fluoride in all our water supply.) I for one am perfectly comfortable with them dumping massive amounts of unknown chemical into the air I breath. I think it a privilege to live in such a country with such a benevolent government. And I think they are sincere when they don't want me to drink that 24 ounce soda, or a Big Mac. Gosh there are good! God Bless them for their care. 

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