Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A distinction without a difference:

Just watched a CNN Reporter in Ecuador trying to help Anderson Cooper and the N.S.A. paint Edward Snowden as sinister . . . you've heard the meme, "if he is so concerned about transparency why did he choose China, Russia, Cuba, and Ecuador whose governments are anything but transparent." Cooper asked the correspondent, "Well what are things like in Ecuador for the press." She swallows hard and said, "Well, there is a free press in Ecuador but the opposition, the human rights groups and the press feel like they are constantly being monitored and none of their communications safe and that the government retaliates when they step out of line." (Knock, Knock, Knock. IS ANYONE HOME? IS ANYONE LISTENING?) There is NO difference between the compromised and hobbled "free press" in Ecuador and the compromised and hobbled "free press" in the U.S. The governmental spying and coercion is the same. You can't even make a case that it is worse in Russia (which if you will notice - the psy-opts people are "accidentally" calling - the soviet union - these last weeks on a regular basis trying to stir up cold war resentment in older Americans.

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