Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Morning Psychological Operations

The common meme this morning 6/15/2013 is that Google and Facebook and some others have "pushed back" against the NSA spying on us all. PLEASE LEARN THIS IS A STUPID AND MEANINGLESS STATEMENT.

To Wit: ALL net traffic, from the time I write this, in fact AS I am composing this goes THROUGH the NSA HUB which directs every net movement, wherein is PRISM RECORDING EVERYTHING, not just when I post this, but every keystroke as I compose this BEFORE it is POSTED on FACE BOOK, travels through the PRISM. The psychological data that can be gleaned about a person by the exercise one goes through to compose a message (the self-editing) is complete.

LIKEWISE: When I do a Google Search, BEFORE the word or phrase I am searching GETS TO GOOGLE it passes THROUGH the NSA HUB and PRISM and is PERMANENTLY RECORDED. Don't accept the PSY OPTS manipulation that this is about detecting Terror - THAT IS A LIE. PRISM IS ABOUT TOTAL KNOWLEDGE OF EVERY BREATHING SOUL. And knowledge is power, the power to manipulate, coerce and confuse. 

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