Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Blessings of Obama

Folks, I was not absolutely sure until this weekend, (6-8-2013) that we were much better off that Obama "took" a second term. But because of Edward Snowden, now I am. 

THINK! IF Mitt Romney had been elected President, all these multi-scandals, and this massive exposure of the ALL SEEING abusive Federal Power would have been swept under the rug. The NeoCons with whom he would have surrounded himself would have lied just as boldly to protect the monster created by the National Security Administration. The same ones are lying for it today. 

Romney would not have dared go after the crimes of the Obama years, for fear of being unable to govern. You know the drill, "what is past is past, and we cannot sacrifice our future by investigations and recriminations. We have to press toward that brighter day, create jobs in America, get the economy back on track . . .. yada . . yada . . yada." But NOW - like lancing an infection, The HORRIBLE and SMELLY BOWELS of the BLOATED Federal Government are being eviscerated, its belly splayed open by Whistle Blowers and American Heroes, for all to see. These Whistle Blowers seeing the Bravery of Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods - the Heroes of Benghazi, who REFUSED TO STAND DOWN are realizing that if ANYONE is to save Liberty, they too DARE NOT STAND DOWN. 

This is a terrible time and a wonderful time for our nation. This massive data collection on EVERYONE will be enough to awaken those for whom the resurrection of the conscience is possible. And as I have been saying for some time, this battle has turned from Right v Left, Republican v Democrat to a LIFE AND DEATH struggle for LIBERTY against the powers of TYRANNY. MANY others NOW are casting the battle in JUST THIS LANGUAGE. 

It took the ARROGANCE of an OBAMA to expose this NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Cabal for what it is: A massive dystopian slave apparatus, where Human Dignity is crushed, and the State sees and rules everyone, every moment from birth till PUT DOWN; where Human Beings have become merely Human Capital, to be observed, manipulated, used and discarded. We cannot flinch and look away! 

We cannot for one millisecond think that we have at this point "won something" (like we would have felt had Romney been elected). We are exposing it, but we have much work to do, because every ounce of cancerous corruption has to be, not surgically removed, but amputated. Like Governor Rick Perry said, "Some of these diseased limbs of Government have to go. Entire departments have to be closed." This "HAL 9000 computer" has to be tamed, placed in public view, guarded in the public view and neutered of it omni-surveillance and control capabilities. 
~ Piano Butch Robinson

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