Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Morning Cheney Psychological Operations

Edward Snowden said that he wanted to expose the "subversion of the powers of the American Government."  Can anyone argue that the power of the American Government has NOT been subverted? 

We were all treated to the NeoCon Dick Cheney's performance on T.V. this Sunday Morning, June 16th 2013, hauling water for the NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Cabal that has control of our country. If anyone has a doubt what a NeoCon is, or that the definition fits Cheney and gang watch his interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, it was a Psychological disinformation game from beginning to end and contained not one word of criticism of Obama abuses. Sadly, very sadly I say, the psychological disinformation wasn't aimed at the Enemy, it was designed to confuse the American People. Anyone watching that interview would walk away from it asking, "What's the big deal about this NSA stuff?" 

Cheney began by character assassination of Edward Snowden. He stated that Snowden was cooperating with the Chinese, and suspected that he was a Chinese plant in the NSA, and working with other traitors inside the NSA.  (BTW, one PsyOpts piece I exposed today actually said that Snowden started working for the NSA as a "janitor"!!!!!!!  He would be the first janitor in history with a Top Secret clearance. Besides, he didn't work for the NSA, he was a contractor, a computer data expert, who worked for a company hired by the NSA.  That article included "pissy stuff" like that Snowden had claimed that his income was 200K, when it was 120K, etc. Anything to discredit him, make him look small and petty - yet - if he is not a credible source WHY ARE THEY TWISTING IN THE WIND?  WHY DID CHENEY TRAVEL 1000 MILES TO APPEAR ON T.V. TO TELL LIES?)

Chris Wallace participated in the character assassination stating (without reference and as a matter of fact) that Snowden was giving the Chinese information about the American investigation into Chinese hacking and spying.  This has NOT been reported and is NOT a statement of fact.  In fact NO place has it been reported that Snowden is in the hands of the Chinese or EVEN talking to the Chinese.

Cheney, building on the MEME, said, "he went to China" which is technically correct, but rather to Hong Kong which still has British administration by agreement with the Communist Chinese. Cheney suggested that China was a strange choice, since China isn't free, but neglected to state that Hong Kong is the only place in China that is free and functions under British Common Law. 

Now pay attention! AFTER claiming that Snowden was in Chinese hands, and Wallace claiming that he was ALREADY giving them information, Cheney said that the Chinese "would welcome him" "would welcome his cooperation"  both in the FUTURE tense.  Which is it?  He is cooperating with the Chinese or they are frightened he will? 

Then Cheney rolled out 9/11 as an excuse to jettison any ounce of LIBERTY and Privacy left to Americans.  Remember Saul Alinsky saying, "Threat is the only catalyst for change"?  The phrase should be, "Threat is the only catalyst for CHAINS."  FEAR enslaves. 

When pressed about what information was being "vacuumed up" by the NSA, Cheney simply LIED, claiming it was ONLY phone numbers. This is a massive distortion and actual lie. He claimed that had the program been in place before 9/11, it would have preventing 9/11.   But here is the FACT. The program he was describing, which is ECHELON was in place before 9/11.   Chaney, pointing away from the real spying apparatus said, "These numbers are just business records, nothing else."   He never mentioned PRISM or the N.S.A. HUBS, where all the permanent recording is done. Or the FACT that PRISM permanently records EVERYTHING. 

Chris Wallace, pretending that there was some truth in what Cheney had offered asked, "If that is correct. Why then does it have to be kept secret since terrorist assume we are going to be intercepting their phone calls and emails. So, why not let the American public know the outlines of the general program? Obviously, not sources and methods and how you go in . . . the algorithms and all that, but the blue print, the general outline of the program so we as Americans can debate it?" Cheney looked stunned, as the question was being asked, then stuttered, paused and said, "I have problems with respect to that concern."  THAT WAS THE FIRST TRUE STATEMENT HE MADE IN THE INTERVIEW.  A NeoCon, is part of the ruling elite who believes himself and the establishment better equipped to know what we the lowly citizen need.  He continued, "I can understand people's concern about it, but an intelligence program that does reveal its sources and methods, which in fact is what you are talking about is significantly less effective, because you are not just revealing it to the American people, you are revealing it to your target, to your adversaries, to the enemy . . . there are reasons for secrecy in the conduct of intelligence operations." 

HERE IS THE FACT: The sources and methods HAVE BEEN REVEALED. And it is NOT about catching Terrorist. The attachment explains it in language little ole ladies should be able to understand. 

Then Cheney gave a false time line - more deception. Claiming that the program was "set up" after 9/11.  The problem is, the program (the one he was describing - ECHELON WAS in place and did not prevent 9/11.)  Then Cheney revealed what has been previously reported but few have grasped, that after 9/11, Cheney, the head of NSA, FBI, CIA etc, and a gang of NINE CONGRESSMEN,  met and decided to include ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE under the ECHELON program.  Prior to that it was ONLY foreign surveillance and calls from foreign terrorists to numbers in the U.S. and visa versa.  After 9/11 they started tracking the phone records of ALL OF US. 

But remember this is just ECHELON.  This is NOT Project PRISM, which began in 2005.  The most astounding statement he made is that following this change, in 2001 in the ECHELON program, this decision to start monitoring ALL Americans, he stated that the Gang of Nine Congressmen stated to him that this massive abuse of the 4th Amendment DID NOT NEED CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL.


The NeoCons trying to cover their tracks:

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