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Some Young People are Learning.

And walking out of the darkness of their education.
My young friend "Dave" (not his real name) when I first met him, functioned almost solely on an emotional level.  Every situation was judged, almost solely by how it made him feel.  It was a huge handicap that made his life torment. Work or play, any social setting was a minefield of conflicting emotions as every word was taken like an arrow, making humor and even regular conversation very dangerous for him.  With many head-butting sessions, angry denials, hurt feelings, confusion, epiphanies, and enlightening moments over a decade, clarity of thought has arrived.

I wanted to make a permanent record of this conversation, (1) Because it show what I've just stated, but (2) might give other young people pause to "THINK." Is the emotional turmoil in which they live who they truly are, or have they been conditioned by forces they do not understand to "think emotionally" to be "tossed continually by their emotions" instead of engaging in the world and with those around them reasonably and rationally.

Emotional rationalizations i.e., replacing critical thinking with emotion is rampant in the young, who are conditioned to faulty thinking by public education system that has an AGENDA. They are in fact taught to reason emotionally via the Hegelian Dialectic.  The darkness is so blinding, they believe they see everything perfectly clear, but they cannot discover why things are so tormenting for them, why everyone is so hateful, why there is little real meaning and purpose in anything, and for some, why there is reason to continue living.  In this blanket of numbing despondency they seek anything that thrills them, that makes them feel alive. No matter what their vice, the end result is a thicker blanket of numbness, and wishes for an end to it all, even contemplating death by suicide (which is also epidemic among the young).

There is an alternative way. This conversation demonstrates it. It began with me pressing a little humor with an image from Dearborn Michigan.

Piano Butch Robinson:
Trust me. THIS WILL NEVER COME TO . . . . Oh wait. Never mind.

YIKES, another reason to dislike Michigan (ie Detroit).........funny, the media covers the Westburough Baptist protesters at every chance, likening them to little ugly demons (practically) and YET are these people not far worse? Where's the media painting these guys as disgusting evil vermin, Nazi-like thugs in the making??

Piano Butch Robinson:
Dave, you are right - yet - the brainwashing is so complete (well near complete) that last event, a funeral a couple of weeks ago, where Christian Bikers showed up and blocked the Westburough Baptist's signs. A conservative friend for whom I have great respect just went ballistic, teeing off on Christian bigotry - and it was in the context of some Islamic atrocity. It was the ole saw "all religious extremists are dangerous." I said, "You DO realize that you are equating peaceful people carrying ugly signs, with hacking a person to dea
th, Don't you?" And even at that she could not let it go. The Westborough people are ugly, vulgar, and what they SAY is obscene. The Jihadis are ugly, DEADLY and what they DO is obscene. HUGE QUALITATIVE DIFFERENCE.

thank you! it isn't just the nasty words or ideology it's the actions, the follow through, the extent to which it's taken. Millions in this nation revere people like Michael Jackson, a likely child molester yet spit on the WBBChurch when they technically have physically harmed NO ONE. The Islamic fascists have killed thousands of innocents, force all females into lives with no education, where they have no identity (the worst kind of misogyny), bat not one eye when they butcher women & children, often including their own & on top of that desire hundreds of millions dead in a fascistic Islamic takeover/domination of the planet..................but the CHRISTIANS who find homosexuality a sin..........we're the real problem, the real "threat" to our nation???!!!??? (it's so unreal that I feel the need to use excess exclamation pts & Q-marks)........50 years ago this narrative would have been so unbelievable it likely wouldn't pass for a sci-fi dystopian film about the future.............that's to say it's LAUGHABLE except it's not funny

Piano Butch Robinson:
Excellent paragraph.


Piano Butch Robinson:
(1) It is one thing to say, "We are sinners in need of God's mercy." 

(2) And in guidance say, when needed. "You are valuable, but your sin is sin." 
(3) It is another to say, "You are a worthless sinner." 
(4) It is yet more to say, "Sinner, You will burn in hell" 
(5) It is yet more to say, "Sinner, You will burn in hell, and I will send you there." 
(6) It is still another level of degradation to say, "Burn in hell, you sinner." AS you blow someone away OR hack them to death.

Because of the Hegelian Dialectic, where "value judgments" are impossible to make, the vast majority of people in the U.S. and indeed Christians in the U.S. cannot distinguish the qualitative differences and view all six degrees as equal bigotry. "Who are we to say what is sin?" They are oh so kind, and tolerant, and open minded, Unless you punch one of the hypnotic keys, the conditioners have placed in them, then they can't let it go. Then visceral condemnation knows no limit. "How dare you to say, sodomy is sin!" "You Bigot" "You Homophobe" "You degenerate retard". 

that may be one of the most wisdom-minded things I've heard you say on here. Partly b/c I couldn't agree more that people seem to have this way of thinking that reads "What's the difference?" but in a dumbed down, non-qualitative, in movies, when the crime lords kill the cops entire family, his wife, kids, dog, burn his house down---the hero goes after the gang vigilante style. Remember how the hero's girl always says at one point, "If YOU go out there & keep killing them, what makes you ANY DIFFERENT FROM THEM?" if killing evil thugs who murder innocent people to stay in business is THE SAME THING as murdering women & children......not can this be? Is it that people are starting to become incapable of seeing profound differences in morality? Isn't there a difference b/t the Muslim faith & Christian? The Christian CULTURE & Muslim? Capitalism vs Communism? Marriage vs gay marriage? Bombing the Taliban & bombing the World Trade center?........... How often are we required to be "non judgmental" about cultures different from ours? How often are we told we can't criticize black culture b/c it's racist to imply that the black culture is somehow different from white, & you cannot imply that there's a difference b/t "thug" culture & "white" culture---no difference.......... .....I take it that's the effect of the Hegelian Dialectic?

Same as "Christian violence" is the same worldwide as Muslim violence............again, false EQUALITY

Piano Butch Robinson:
There are isolated cased Matt, where Christians have turned as barbaric as their Muslim enemies to survive. And in some cases just for revenge. In those isolated cases the violence is the same. The Christian Militia in Southern Lebanon, after having been harassed by the Muslim PLO for two decades, Kicked Yasser Arafat and the PLO fighters out of the country to Tunisia and in cover of darkness, took bull doziers and leveled the PLO camp killing an estimated 2000 + women and children. (At least that was the number reported in Time Magazine at the time). The atrocity haunted Menachem Begin - the Israeli Prime Minister at the time - to his death bed. Some time in person, I will tell you about the content of the letter he carried around his home reading and re-reading for months before his death. You see, the Christian Militia was fighting with the Israeli Defense Force, (IDF) his commander Ariel Sharon, knowing the revenge the Christian Militia commanders held, (many had lost family) he turned them loose on the PLO Camp. Christian violence can most certainly be as inhumane as Muslim violence. This is a fact. But this happened in a bloody civil war. The Christians didn't start the war, the Muslims did. And over and over that is the story. The sad part is that the NeoCon war machine, which has functioned in many Wars around the world, IS NOT Christian, but has been seen as Christian. The NeoCon answer is to destroy the Christian identity of the Military, when the right strategic plan would have been to fight only "just wars."

Yes, and again with distinction. You'll have to tell me the letter contents some time.

In reference to 4th post up, was that what you mean by Hegelian Dialectic's effects?

Piano Butch Robinson:
Yes a symptom of it. The ability to make rational "value judgments" does not exist in those who have been raised to reason according to the Hegelian Dialectic. It is not reasoning, it is feeling. So number one (we are sinners) is a challenge and evokes a bad feeling in one who has been raised on a diet of self-approval, and positive reinforcement. "What, me a sinner?" The "feeling evoked" at each level is the same. Each contains the same reaction, "What, me a sinner? Who are you to make such a judgment?!" Of course a Hegelian canNOT be a sinner. He knows that all perspectives are valid - which means that he cannot make a value judgement, even on the insanity of his own actions. The only thing that evokes "passion" is what has been previously programmed.

It also seems true, I think, that people "feel" what's "right/wrong" more than use wisdom, logic, truth to find the same. Someone may "feel" Islam is equal to Christianity instead of using logic, common sense, what's in front of their eyes, the TRUTH to know instead. Why? b/c the truth doesn't FEEL good - it hurts most kindhearted, hopeful people to find out that not all religions have validity, goodness, peace, love etc. involved within them. That would explain why so many non-muslims get so livid when people criticize the "Islamic" part of terrorism b/c it feels better to believe real muslims would never harm a fly.......... ........of course I say all that but we all know that most of those people don't give Christianity the same exact treatment, so there's clearly more to it, on other levels anyway.

Piano Butch Robinson:
Very perceptive on both counts.
(1) The faulty thinking generated by the Hegelian Dialectic and
(2) there is exposed some visceral hated of Christianity, something the speaker rarely understands. Beside the spiritual implications of that, there is the fact that the "conditioners" that is liberal and pagan "experts",  i.e. teachers, scientists, think tank experts, etc., financed by Islam and other international money, have been on an 80 year campaign to destroy the Christian part of America, knowing that destroying Christianity is the only way to make America vulnerable to conquest - so they have through public education programmed powerful hypnotic triggers that are activated when any Christian mentions Christianity or makes claim to the validity of Christian values. ALL true Christians face this even at their own dinner tables.

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