Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Emperor Obama's Speech 6.25.13. 1:30 EDT.

Obama will make an imperial speech today, once again threatening government action by executive fiat, more executive orders to implement, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, the Kyoto Protocols on "Climate Change" (notice the title Climate Change and not "global warming" - since even most dullards by now know that "global warming is a hoax".) He will claim that the cycle of violent weather of this spring, (which is almost identical to the cycle in the 1950s) is "man causes" and just like we have to sacrifice PRIVACY and LIBERTY for safety against "terror" we have to sacrifice Laissez-faire free enterprise, and endure stifling economic stagnation, a totally regulated and controlled economy to save us from violent weather. (Don't drink the Kool Aid.) He is a LIAR: He will never mention the fact that this present weather is merely our normal cyclical pattern. 

IF at this point you remain ignorant of "the Agenda" - Agenda 21 - and the massive economic weight, (job killer) an insane assault on property rights, using water as a weapon against us, making Laissez-faire farming and even backyard gardening illegal, the plan to huddle 99% of our population into massive urban centers for easier control, etc., YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

For the rest:
Don't commit CIVILCIDE: We continue to be too polite about the things that are killing us and destroying our society. Citizens who are awake face TWO enemies, the sinister and the naive. The sinister are the "world planners" who care NOTHING for you, but will sacrifice millions for "the agenda." Neither the sinister nor the naive can grasp that THIS America and American Liberty, THIS extraordinary blessing of wealth and resources being TAKEN FROM US, is our last chance, there are no life boats. Let us STOP being polite. Let us refuse to commit Civilcide, let us speak truth to the manipulators and the manipulated, the sinister and the naive - BOTH are dangerous to our Liberty.

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