Monday, June 10, 2013

PRISM EXPOSED - Confuse and Obfuscate

Watching these Luciferian wonks, like Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper and sadly even Ambassador John Bolton, try to justify the existence of PRISM (where they are permanently recording EVERYTHING) is both humorous and sad as they void their own arguments inside a single paragraph. 

I use these two men as an example because it is instructive about the NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Cabal I've been writing about for some time. They are as "politically opposite" as two men could be. Bolton has been "almost" a Truth teller vis a vis Islam, Clapper is a MAJOR Dhimmi, yet both men use the same lying language to try to defend the indefensible.  Why? 

Both men today have assured us that (1) "no one is listening to your phone calls"  and (2) "it takes a federal judge to issue a warrant to listen to a phone call" and (3) "that warrant cannot be retro-active." One, may be true.
Two is only partly true as there are exceptions - a whole list of exceptions.
And three is a baldfaced LIE.
But guess what.  All three are "deflections" meant to confuse you, since PRISM has NOTHING to do with phone calls, and YES they are mining ALL the internet data, CONSTANTLY recording everything and with sophisticated algorithms first mining patterns, next actual content. 

When you have the head of Google, who set up the data mining operation for the Obama campaign, turn that operation into a business now named CIVIS Analytics, which was immediately hired by the White House proper, ask yourself . . .  Where rests the mass of data CIVIS Analytics is mining?  

Further, since all internet hubs, (every internet hub in the world) is owned, maintained and controlled by the NSA, and HOUSED in NSA facilities, the head of Face Book, Twitter, My Space, Apple, Yahoo, Google and the rest are telling the truth when they say that their respective "companies" are not turning over any data to the NSA.  Why would they need to? The NSA doesn't need to disturb any net company or demand anything from them, they merely record ALL of the TRAFFIC coming though the only Net HUBS in the world.   

The bottom line is one has to ask oneself, since the mining of net data has been public knowledge since 2005. Don't you think a terrorist would have to be retarded to be caught by a trap he KNOWS exists?  They haven't stopped any terror plots with this mechanism. The  Tsarnaev brothers (the Boston Bombers) were all over the net, and on facebook, so was that freak Nadal of the Fort Hood Massacre fame. And further, so has nearly everyone of these mad-dog mass shooters that have plagued us these last few years. NONE stopped by PRISM.  If they actually have to power to stop these sorts of things, one has to ask the other reasonable question, "Why have they allowed these attacked to happen unimpeded?"

  This tool of technology is merely a means of "control" . . . of controlling us.  It is the control of the Dialectic, the manipulation of the way we think, defusing the things that cause us suspicion, killing our ability to truly organize and have the impact our great numbers would normally and naturally demand.

Here is my prediction: IF Edward Snowden lives you will read in detail why neither the Dhimmi Clapper, nor the NeoCon Bolton are willing to give this power of manipulation up.    

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