Friday, June 28, 2013

Two faces of American Stupidity:

On Facebook, I've been asking NSA employees to resign as the opening statement on posts demonstrating the evil of the agency's actions. I've actually has two NSA employees and one NSA contractor respond saying that they were busy looking for other work. But what AMAZED me was on a "Patriot site" a woman responded demonstrating perfectly the air-headed moral relativism, and mind numbing dumbness of the extreme materialism that has the American people in its grips, saying: 

"One cannot ask any one, regardless of for whom they work, to resign. Most likely, they have a family to care for, a house to make payments and a vehicle. Bills to pay. That is asking a lot of anyone to do." 

DUH! Yes, let us accept absolute slavery, the total destruction of privacy so we don't have to inconvenience ourselves! Compare that to Patrick Henry "Give me Liberty or give me Death" or the signers of the Declaration of Independence saying, "And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

I had another citizen yesterday, whose total political consciousness is obviously always below his belt, where the single political topic he holds firmly is "gay rights." When I explained the confounding of our Democratic Republic that has happened in the last decades he said, "I never bother with trivial politics." I said, "You are a man whose philosophy is so thin and trivial that it can be described anatomically as dick sucking, ass licking and anal intercourse that you wish to be recognized as a legitimate life style . . . THIS to you is NOT trivial but worth the total distortion of our Republic, our Liberty, our Laws. For it you are willing to sacrifice all free expression/free speech, all rights to self-defense with gun, all rights of privacy, the autonomy of the press, and to ALLOW the coercion of officials, politicians and citizens, with the likes of PRISM - all of this you are willing to sacrifice and allow so that no one ever dares to state to you the anatomical reality of your philosophical poverty." 

These are two examples of the threat to our own liberty. There is not a dimes bit of difference between our two examples here, the first a stupid Sally Soccer Mom, claiming to be "conservative" and a "Patriot" thinking that the struggle for LIBERTY should not inconvenience anyone, or require sacrifice. The second a jaded Liberal, thinking himself "more evolved" than the rest of us because he can't raise his consciousness above his groan, thus believing REAL matters of Liberty are trivial. 

WE HAVE TO STOP OUR CIVIL-CIDE, that is speaking politely to these idiots who are destroying our chances of recovering our Liberty. These people in their ultimate stupidity are no less dangerous to our LIFE and LIBERTY than is ISLAM, when we speak kindness to it and lies about it.

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