Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Arab Money Financed American Coup d etat

Here is a photograph of an article by Valery Jarrett's father-in-law, outlining the Islamic financial influence in the coming American political reality- written in 1979.

I've have written much about the FACT of Muslim Money derailing our Political System - here is early evidence offered by ( Notice the date, just before Reagan won the presidency. International - mostly Muslim money created a NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Coup d 'etat in the U.S. taking seven presidential cycles to complete. The LEGAL apparatus is in place for TOTAL Tyranny. The only reason that the "powers that be" are slowing tightening the noose, allowing the illusion of previous Liberty, is to minimize Citizen Backlash. They want to take us "peacefully" if possible. Everything Bush and Obama have done domestically, all the actions of DHS, IRS, EPA, Border Security, U.N. Treaties, the assault on gun rights, the assault on Free Speech, even the assault on self-sufficiency via the Department of Agriculture, ALL OF IT is for this purpose: To create a Marxist/Sharia compliant Unified North American Ummah.

That the Federal Government is actively conditioning the population for this Sharia Compliant Reality - one need look no further than this meeting by Federal Agents in Tennessee.

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