Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Citizen Trump, Perfect!


I just watched the MSNBC, Chris Matthews documentary on Donald Trump, called “Citizen Trump” and even though it was rife with spin and some notable inaccuracies, the bottom line is, it was anything BUT a hit piece. And Trust me, if they had the material to make it a hit piece they would have. They fairly covered his financial struggles and successes. They inaccurately covered his actual wealth, spinning that he was “probably” not as wealthy as his financial report to the FEC stated he is. And there is the rub and where you know it is spin because a false filing with the FEC is perjury punishable by “uuuuuuuuuuugh” fines and prison time.

All in all, it was a fairly accurate picture of Trump, EXCEPT, they left out the fact that he has written FIFTEEN best-selling books, and one Iconic book, “The Art of the Deal.” They, of course, left out the fact than none of his children, despite being “children of divorce” which is the P.C. excuse for every sort of bad behavior, are responsible sober adults, with families, having never been in any serious or embarrassing trouble, social or with the law. Jeb Bush certainly cannot make that claim.

Tom Brokaw, after painting Trump as dangerous, racist etc, etc, etc., said, “Donald Trump is a top level New York Real Estate guy. You gotta have big Cojones (balls) to do that, and promote it constantly.” Brokaw is right, it takes not just big ball (bravado), but huge intelligence, courage and nerves of steel to do what Trump did, in the SHARK TANK, in the pool with every Vulture Capitalist on the Western Hemisphere negotiating himself out of ruin and creating the 500 plus successful businesses he now has.

Well, guess what? Rondal Reagan was merely a B movie actor, who had big Conjones large enough to parley that into becoming governor of California and President of the United States, and by the standards of even most present day Democrats, Reagan is considered a great president. I lived through that era and remember vividly the fear mongering the CIAmerican media attached to Reagan "the candidate." I remember that they criticized Reagan's clear and unambigious statements about the threat of Marxism/Communism, in the exact same language they criticize Trump for his clear and unambigious statements about Jihadism/Islamism and Vulture Capitalism. “Reagan is a blowhard!” “Reagan can't be trusted with the nuclear button.” “Reagan's bombastic speech will make the Cold War much more dangerous.” “Doesn't he realize, that we need the good communists to work with us, to help us battle the radical, warmongering communists!” "Don't he know he cannot insult his way to success!" “He's a loose cannon.” “He is making the world a more dangerous place.” “When Reagan calls the Soviet Union an 'Evil Empire' he is giving the hardliners in the Soviet Union, all the ammunition they need to turn public opinion against the West.” Yes, we have heard it all before. And what was the result? The collapse of Communist Totalitarianism in Russia and Eastern Europe.

It was the Globalist establishment that controlled the Old Soviet Union, and when Reagan took down the Soviet Union, he destroyed one lung of that Globalist establishment. The Globalists financed both sides of the Cold War, just as they financed both sides of World War Two and they made TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS. Donald Trump is threatening the other Lung of Globalism. The Globalists are using Muslim Immigration/Migration and Jihadi/Marxism to consolidate their control over the Western Democracies. Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, every President since Reagan and the Republicans and Democrats in Congress have been the vangard of this Globalist PLOT. Donald Trump is challenging a Counter-Revolution. Let us STAND TOGETHER, WITH HIM, and Slay the other lung of this Luciferian Dragon!


  1. Sharing this often. Excellent read and excellent reminder.

  2. Sharing this often. Excellent read and excellent reminder.


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