Friday, December 4, 2015

We are AT WAR people.

 This speech could have been written for this moment in time, for this TRUMP election, shattering lie, after lie, after lie, after lie, exposing the truth inch by inch by painful inch, willing to die before accepting another lie, or electing another LIAR, posing as constitutional patriot, who is actually only another Puppet of the Globalist Criminal Financiers, selected to DESTROY our Nation. 

We have to save our NATION as a NATION from these psychopaths who own most of the Central Banks in the world, and all the Central Banks in the West, who shuffle paper and create money out of thin air, creating for us and our grand children Generational Debt that has enslaved our nation and her people. This war is against the criminals that expose us to Jihad, who rape our economy, destroy our borders and tell us we should LIKE IT. 

The TRUMP election is the LAST battle, the LAST chance we have to start the RECONSTRUCTION of our NATION and our National Character, before we face the abyss and blood runs in the streets. WE MUST BE DOGGED in our Truth Telling, in our exposing and destroying the LIE and the LIARS, that have bound us. We must NOT fail.
Donald Trump for President, LANDSLIDE 2016, or next comes pure hell.

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