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Jeffrey Sterling vs CIA

Jeffrey Sterling vs CIA

(Taken from part of an article at R.T. )
Jeffrey Sterling was the CIA handler of Merlin, a Russian double-agent scientist who was passing US blueprints of advanced nuclear weapons components to Iran in the 1990s, in what appears to have been a high-risk gambit by Langley. The plans contained deliberate “fatal” errors, and the CIA hoped these would slow down Tehran’s progress.
Sterling, a black man, was fired by the CIA in 2002 in a storm of internal and legal complaints about racial discrimination, but Operation Merlin stayed on his mind. In subsequent years, Sterling told details of his assignment to journalist James Risen, suggesting that rather than sabotage Iran’s program, the blueprints helped it along, containing errors that could easily be identified.
The CIA was not pleased. Sterling was arrested in 2011, and after pleading not guilty, he was convicted in 2015, largely on the basis of data intercepted by the NSA. He is now serving a 3 1/2 year jail sentence.
Treated as niche by the MSM, the story justified wider media coverage. Was Sterling a bitter traitor or a whistleblower? Did he deserve a longer sentence than ex-CIA director David Petraeus, convicted of a similar offense? How far can NSA data be trusted, particularly when it is working to push a CIA case in the court? Was Operation Merlin a success? Did it even follow its stated aims, or was it a cover for something more sinister?

(Fr S Note - It is rumored that Iraq's Nuclear Program would be impossible without the "gifts" from the CIA.  THIS is the reason this story has been suppressed.)

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