Saturday, December 26, 2015

TEXAS MOSQUE FIRE: San Bernardino Backlash?

As Donald Trump would say, "I Don't Think So."

12/26/2015 - TEXAS MOSQUE FIRE: Oh the RAW Hatred that exists in Non-Muslim Americans!

There have been nearly 5000 Church fires in the last 20 years with more than half of those “confirmed” to be arson. Arson is not easy to prove. This is a sore subject for me, since two of these Church structures were under my care and both fires two months apart were confirmed to be arson.
In the late 1980s early 1990s there were thousands of Church fires that the media loved to cover as "Black Churches Burning In the South," (Cultural Marxist Note: always stir racial tension by whatever means possible) but the second they discovered that race had nothing to do with it, and that it was an attack on Christianity, they stopped covering it.
For the last 20 years America has experienced a Church being destroyed at a rate of One Church Structure every 33 hours and 18 minutes. If you include the previous ten years in the mix, the number goes to more than one a day, for 30 years. The problem was so bad even in the 1970's it was impracticable to insure a rural Church structure, since the premiums were so high, congregation could save the same amount of money each year, and in a few years be able to build a new structure. Of course, most congregations could not afford to do either. 
Two Mosques, have burned in the U.S, in the last month. One was just a rented store front in a strip mall in Texas and CIAmerican Media is speculating about "Islamophobic Backlash" for the San Bernardino, Jihadi Slaughter. If it were, I would say that's a damned healthy sign, but it is not. If anything, it is a False Flag Taqiyya operation, by the Muslims and Psy-Opts CIAmerican Propaganda media, so they can beat on the Sympathy for Muslims meme. ( Note* This article was written days before it was discovered that the arsonist was a member of the Mosque, and the event, indeed a "Civilization Jihadi" false flag operation. - Right again.)
Meanwhile, if statistics held for this past month, consistent with the last twenty years, we have also lost 23 Churches to fire, 12 to confirmed arson. NOT A PEEP ABOUT IT IN THE CIAmerican Media.
Do you realize that Christianity has suffered more lost Church Structures in the last 20 years by two fold, than Islam has Mosques in the U.S?  But the strange statistic is that the number of Mosques constructed in the last 20 years, comes very close to the number of Churches confirmed to be destroyed by arson in the same period. Coincidence? Probably.
Statistics from Pew Research.

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