Saturday, December 12, 2015

Shame on the Bishops Of Antioch

The Orthodox Church of Antioch, bearing FALSE WITNESS about the words and actions of the Donald J Trump Campaign and Trump Supporters.   

This is a statement of Dhimmis - and I have no doubt of it - by a Dhimmi organization. This Church under the urbane leadership of the late Metropolitan Phillip Saliba, was Dhimmi, and when pressed would repeat the Dhimmi lines necessary on cue. I debated Phillip Saliba's brother on a net radio show last political cycle and he held the Dhimmi line on everything Islam. That is, he was an apologist for Islam and yes, that means he publicly LIED for Islam. This lying statement begins with a lie, calling to mind the "Hospitality of Abraham Icon" hinting that both Islam, Christianity and Judaism are "Abrahamic" religions and worship the same God, which is an error of Ecumenism. It further lies by mis-characterizing as HATE, Donald Trump's call for TEMPORARY Halt to Muslim Immigration and calls for common sense security overhaul of the Passport/Visa screening system. They also make the accusation that the Donald Trump campaign has engaged in hate speech and that those who support his policies are engaging in "hate speech." 

These Bishop just participated in the sin of "bearing false witness" both about Trumps Security Proposal and about the nature of the Trump Campaign. And I condemn them for their blatant political interference in an American Political Campaign. The same direct statement from the Southern Baptist concerning Hillary Clinton and the felonies she has committed, would deprive them of their IRS Tax status. To the authors of this scurrilous document I say, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. 

Do you know what is so doubly sad about the spiritual blindness and hysteria in which these bishop's have engaged, it is the political blindness that they are attacking the ONLY candidate in the Campaign who has openly supported CHRISTIANS in SYRIA, and has stated that he would join with Russia and Vladimir Putin, to put down the CIA Created forces of ISIS and other Jihadis that have been harassing and persecuting them.  This is an example of the total BLINDNESS.  - Archpriest Symeon Elias

P.S.  I'm sure after this plain speaking these Dhimmi Bishops will call me neither Orthodox, Christian or a Philosopher.

Seems that the Church of Antioch Bishops in SYRIA are a little smarter and certainly more truthful than their American counterparts.

The American Bishop's Statement

Islam Viewed via Common Sense

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