Thursday, December 10, 2015

CNN - Alisyn Camerota Focus Group - INFO you need to know.

This is how the psy-opts media works. Since most Trump supporters suddenly realized, (what I had been telling you for years) that Frank Luntz little focus groups were FAKE, PURE psy-opt theatre to instill thoughts in your mind, a HERDING mechanism . . . CIAmerican media is trying to create this NEW focus group, and give it credibility in the eyes of Trump supporters. What these actors (or well meaning useful idiots) say is all true, but look closely they are ACTING. (but actors or useful idiots at this stage of the game is a moot point) With this little psy-opts tool they are planning on getting you to trust IT and then LATER use it to bend your thinking. And BTW, even in this little inaugural run ( in the original airing) Alisyn Camerota does a lot a "herding" posing questions with fictional information and lying spin, and of course the panelists did NOT bother to correct her lies but assumed them to be true in their responses. -

BTW this image is a subliminal frame from the original video. Why would they have a "Trump" image like the devil on this man's back? To impress the thought into your mind that the man speaking is not thinking for himself, that he is a brainless puppet, just "channeling" what Trump has said, rather "in the control" of Trump.

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