Monday, December 7, 2015

Trump and Muslim Immigration.

The CNN Headline is of course FALSE, a spin, an exaggeration, but Trump is suggesting halting all Muslim Immigration. Now let me ask you this. Do you realize that when we were at war with NAZIS, we banned all German Immigration even though the vast majority of Germans were not NAZIS. Do you realize that when we were at war with the Fascists of Italy, we banned all immigration from Italy, even thought the majority of Italians were not Fascists. Tell me why it is not EXACTLY THE SAME, that when we are at war with Muslim Jihadis, we Ban all Muslim Immigration, even though a great portion of birth Muslims are not Jihadis. We have the legal structure to do it. And if this Government cared one rat's ass about protecting us and defeating the Jihadis, this would be a NO BRAINER, common sense, and TYPICAL WAR TIME MEASURE. 

IN FACT, This is the sort of move we were expecting from George W. Bush, following 9/11, when the stupid ass told us that "Islam is a Peaceful Religion" and that "our patriotic duty was to go and shop."

Is Donald Trump's moratorium on Muslim Immigration irrational? or Common Sense? 

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