Friday, December 11, 2015

Islam Viewed via Common Sense

This is not bigotry, this is not racism, this is not religious prejudice, this is not xenophobia, or anything but absolute COMMON SENSE. No matter how much your heart bleeds and wants another reality and solution, here is the reality and the FACTS. 

YES, Muslims have given their lives in our armed forces, and the vast majority of those Muslims were killed by Jihadis. It is a terrible situation being a Muslim, since just like all Cognac is Brandy, but not all Brandy is Cognac, all Jihadis are Muslims but not all Muslims are Jihadis. But unlike Brandy, that is clearly labelled, and can never turn Cognac, Muslims are NOT labelled and can turn Jihadi that the DROP of a HAT. It is conditioned from their birth to be part of the basic character, even if dormant within them. 

Do you know how you can tell that a Muslim will never, ever turn Jihadi? Look closely at the picture and the answer is obvious. This fellow will never turn Jihadi. But as long as there is a pulse there is the possibility.

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