Friday, December 11, 2015

Islam and P.C. Insanity

The demonstration of the idiocy created by the Dumbing Down of our Culture is instructive. Faced with the facts concerning the core principle of JIHAD as mandatory in Islam, (found here) I got this response.
M K wrote:
Strongly. Don't agree or like

Butch Robinson: Don't agree with what? Don't like what?

M K wrote:
The possibility lies within all of us. Don't like the tone the inference its carving hatred in our hearts and minds.

(I love that line "it is carving hatred in our hearts and minds" Oh the horror of Butch's speech in the face of mass slaughter of Christians, beheading, immolation, drownings, enslaving, raping, robbing etc., etc., Oh the horror of MY speech, "carving hatred in our hearts and minds." Can it get any more INSANE than this?)

Butch Robinson: That's an answer from the dumbing down of our educational system that taught you Solipsism. On cue without reason or rationality, based on emotional denial, you conflate the sinful state of man, capable of any sort of bad behavior, lacking proper rearing, and building of character in the formative years, with a system of Globalist suppression of all non-muslims, willing to use the most barbarous means for conquest. The IDIOCY of your argument is that, on the one side, in countries that were constructed out of Christianity, such barbarism is viewed as a great sin and injustice to humanity, but in Islam it is taught as a proper means of conquest, and a VIRTUE. Wake up. Idiot.

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