Sunday, June 11, 2017

Amazing Psyops GAUL of the New York Times

First Psyops "Spin." That failed

They quickly moved to Psyops "Lies." Hasn't worked.

Now they are painting huge psyops fairy-tales.

Here is a psyops fairy-tale, from the New York Times, complete with "timeline" and official sounding verbiage. The problem is Jack Posobiec's tweet was correct and TRUE, and Comey confirmed the truth of it in his last testimony. Yet, according to the NYTs, Jack Posobiec is a "conspiracy theorist" "tweeted a lie" "that lie caught on and now millions of people believe it." According to them it is not the fact that Comey testified that Trump DID NOT ask him to halt the Russia investigation or even the Flynn investigation that has Trump supporters and even people like Chris Matthews saying "Totally Vindicated, No Collusion, No Obstruction of Justice, Comey's a Leaker."  No, rather we were all deluded into believing this by Jack Posobiec's tweet on May 17th (I told you it had a time line). 

The NYTs is gambling on the fact that you are so very ignorant of the English language you cannot decipher the meaning of the paragraph they have highlighted. Amazing GAUL!

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