Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trump vs the Deep State: An International Manifestation of the New American Civil War

The Isolation of Qatar:

This event is proof positive that my take on the nature of the Domestic Civil War (Trump and the American Nationalists vs the CIA/Deep State and the Globalists) is FACT.

I have said that Trump's actual and real war on ISIS (in which his military commanders are dragging their heels) is a War on the CIA since ISIS/Al Qaeda are merely two of the CIA's Arab Legions formed in the CIA's partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Qatar is a wholly CIA-Owned Vassal State, other military assets use the bases in Qatar, but in the Middle East, it is CIA Deep State Central, which includes not just the huge "U.S." military facilities but extension campuses of six CIA-affiliated American Universities. 

You know that Trump's relationship with the Saudis and Al SISI of Egypt is very, very strong. So why would Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen (and today Jordon) bar traffic from Qatar, break diplomatic relationship, order ambassadors to vacate within 48 hours and as the article says, "choking off access to an important U.S. ally" as the N.Y. Times calls them, and choking off access to our own "ally, which is a major American military partner," as the NYT wrote today?

The answer is simple, Qatar is CIA/Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar/CIA/Muslim Brotherhood was instrumental in installing the MB in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt (for a while) and Turkey, all under Obama's Arab Spring Doctrine; now Trump is choking off CIA operations that are supporting ISIS, Al Qaeda.

We know that Egypt has been under attack from the MB/CIA and when the Saudis realized what Obama had done to them, they kicked him out of the country, literally gave him 5 hours to vacate.

This is NOT as the article says, "a complication" in Trump's unified fight against ISIS and Islamic Extremism. IT is a tactical move to rob ISIS and other Islamic Extremists of their CIA support.

Above is what I wrote yesterday morning. Confirmation of my depiction of these events, which is, of course, different than the Washington Posts and New York Times' depiction, came in the form of @realDonaldTrump Tweets today.

In order they read:

12h12 hours ago

The FAKE MSM is working so hard trying to get me not to use Social Media. They hate that I can get the honest and unfiltered message out.

12h12 hours ago

During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology. Leaders pointed to Qatar - look!

Sorry folks, but if I would have relied on the Fake News of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, washpost or nytimes, I would have had ZERO chance winning WH


  1. The usual Deep State Psyops Rags are running headlines that read, "Diplomats scramble to undo Trump Tweeter Damage." IDIOTS ALL.

  2. BTW, this is also the reason that some British politicians have spoken publicly about placing immigrant Jihadis in Internment Camps until they can be expatriated.

  3. It is Reported in the Arab Press that Saudi Arabia speaking with and for the other cooperating Arab nations just gave Qatar 24 hour to comply with Ten demands.

    1. Immediately break diplomatic relations with Iran.
    2. Expel all Hamas members.
    3. Freeze bank accounts of Hamas members and stop dealing with them.
    4. Expel all Muslim Brotherhood members from Qatar.
    5. Expel anti-GCC elements.
    6. End support of 'terrorist organisations.'
    7. Stop interfering in Egyptian affairs.
    8. Cease broadcasting the Al Jazeera news channel.
    9. Apologise to all Gulf governments for 'abuses' by Al Jazeera.
    10. Qatar must pledge that will not carry out any actions that contradict the policies of the GCC and adhere to its charter.

    BTW, it has been previously exposed that Al Jazeera is a wholly owned CIA-Psyop Operation.

  4. ISIS has been a cheap terror surrogate for the Deep State since they have been able to sell black market oil, easily skirting the sanctions by Qatar's willingness to "launder the oil" for them (just like laundering money). This represents only a "semi-blockade" since this is more about closing ports to Qatari rather than typical blocking sea traffic. From what I can see ships from Qatar will be barred from neighboring ports but not barred from international waters. The rub is the shipping companies that had been servicing the Qatari posts, now blocked from doing so.

  5. Have you ever noticed that when the Media is serving up a picture of U.S. military presence in Qatar they always mention "the largest military base in the Middle East" and sometimes name it "Al Udeid Air Base" but while acknowledging there are "two large American Military installations" in Qatar, they never mention the second one? Internet Search Engines do the same, serve up the one and suppress information about the second.

  6. Yesterday, Secretary of State Tillerson made a statement that indicated that the trouble with Qatar was the fault of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other Gulf States, calling on them to lift sanctions for "humanitarian reasons." He also claimed that the sequester of Qatar hampered "U.S. Military Operations."

    Following making this statement to the press, Tillerson attended the Rose Garden press conference with Trump and the Romanian Leader, and at the conference, Trump said, "The nation of Qatar, unfortunately, has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level," . . . "We have to stop the funding of terrorism." "The time had come to call on Qatar to end its funding — they have to end that funding — and its extremist ideology in terms of funding," “I've decided, along with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, our great generals, and military people, the time has come to call on Qatar to end its funding,” and not a WORD about lifting sanctions.

    Hmmm. Tillerson and the foggy bottom boys laying the blame on the Gulf States, except Qatar, and Trump laying the blame squarely on Qatar. Let's see if we can put this in context.

    Oh yeah, this article I wrote explains it, when not a single news outlet or any voice in the "alt-media" does.


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