Thursday, June 1, 2017


Net Worth of your psyops puppets. You people creating the "ratings" for these Cultural Marxist, Globalist, psycho-political agents of the Deep State are IDIOTS with no precedent in human history. You are the dumbest of the dumb of all humans who have ever lived. You CHOOSE your servitude; You CHOOSE to be mind controlled.
Being a Cultural Marxist Mind Control Puppet pays well.

Glenn Beck – $90 Million

Kelly Ripa – $75 Million

Jon Stewart – $80 Million

David Letterman – $400 Million

Stephen Colbert – $45 Million

Seth Meyers – $10 Million

Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy) – $47 Million

Oprah Winfrey – $2.9 Billion

Tyra Banks – $90 Million

Megyn Kelly – $15 Million

Trevor Noah – $3 Million

Pat Sajak – $45 Million

Bob Barker – $70 Million

Steve Harvey – $100 Million

Drew Carey – $165 Million

Dick Clark – $200 Million

Wendy Williams – $60 Million

Barbara Walters – $150 Million

Larry King – $144 Million

Rachel Ray – $60 Million

Katie Couric -$55 Million

Emeril Lagasse – $50 Million

Khloe Kardashian – $24 Million

Craig Ferguson – $30 Million

Simon Cowell – $550 Million

Ellen DeGeneres – $400 Million

Matt Lauer – $60 Million

NeNe Leakes – $12 Million

Star Jones – $18.5 Million

Daisy Fuentes – $45 Million

Regis Philbin – $150 Million

Erin Andrews – $3 Million

Ryan Seacrest – $350 Million

Robin Roberts – $25 Million

Adrienne Bailon – $500,000

Conan O’Brien – $75 Million

Jimmy Fallon – $25 Million

Jay Leno – $350 Million

Joy Behar – $8 Million

Anton Du Beke – $10 Million

Anderson Cooper – $100 Million

Dr. Phil – $400 Million

Ty Pennington – $10 Million

Ricki Lake – $15 Million

Alton Brown – $13 Million

Lisa Kerney – $14.8 Million

Lindsey Czarniak – $3 Million

Michelle Beisner – $3 Million

Samantha Steele Ponder – $12 Million

Molly Qerim – $3 Million

Cari Champion – $2 Million

Michelle Beadle – $1.5 Million

Doctor Oz – $4 Million

John Oliver – $5 Million

Bret Baier – $16 Million

Shepard Smith – $25 Million

Neil Cavuto – $23 Million

Chelsea Handler – $40 Million

Jerry Springer – $75 Million

Jimmy Kimmel – $35 Million

James Corden – $12 Million

Larry Wilmore – $3 Million

Michael Strahan – $55 Million

Diane Sawyer – $80 Million

Sir David Attenborough – $35 Million

Tomi Lahren – $500,000

Chuck Barris – $120 Million

Guy Fiere – $8.5 Million

Bill O’Reilly – $70 Million

Sean Hannity – $80 Million

You think some of these people are your friends. You "feel" about them like they are family members. You accept what these people say to you "without filter." You mimic how they act, you accept what they accept as “acceptable” no matter how warped, twisted and anti-family, and insane it is, and you reject what they reject.

This list is a cross-section of the psycho-political manipulators who “create the culture.” With very few exceptions they are Cultural Marxist, (Politically Correct) Pro-Gay, Pro-LGBTXYZ Insanity, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Genocide, Anti-Christian, Anti-Family and YOU have made them RICH.

Your own lives and the lives of your children SUFFER from their influence, yet you keep them “popular” and sit for hours in a state of light hypnosis, soaking up every anti-LIFE, anti-GOD thought they plant in your minds. Congratulations IDIOTS! Look around at the sickness of this Nation that is feminizing your boys and twisting your girls, a nation turned "security state" that cannot protect you from Terrorism (chooses not to) that has destroyed every ounce of privacy you previously owned.

You see, the psychological war has two facets, (1) the purveyors of the Cultural Marxist (Politically Correct) BIG LIE, and then (2) taking the measure of how well they are “twisting you” by monitoring everything you write and say. THIS is the apparatus of Mind Control, (and only a small part of it) and each one of these people WITHOUT EXCEPTION is an apparatchik of that apparatus.


  1. I am shocked at your list. I was wondering why Mark Levin's name was not there. I do not like him, in fact all on the list give me a headache! They give me a headache because one day they are for this and that, the next day is a totally different approach, 99% of the time I turn them off. Some I did not know were in on this Hannity, always something weird about him, he is a ME guy! I don't watch Fox news only if Trump is on there, don't watch any stations. I do not like any of them. How about Mark stein? I really like him. All I am saying is I have a really hard time with these people! Thank you for this and all your articles. One more thing, I hate to say this but I have had a hard time with Ivanka and Jared, there is something not right, felt it during Trumps campaign. Thank You Mary Ann

  2. Forgot to ask you who pays all of these people? Just wondering

  3. Here I am again, are all these cable channels Marxists? I am really interested!

  4. The media is completely controlled by the Cultural Marxist/Corporatist Deep State. Everything that is aired is pushing the Globalist Agenda even when it pretends to expose it. I have video of Sean Hannity using Saul Alinsky tactics on guests he is supposedly "interviewing." None of these channels will mention the fact that our Nation is now a Ghost Republic.
    Or in full disclosure that 5 CIA connected Corporations own ALL of the media including talk radio, even book publishing. These are documented facts not conspiracy theory.

    The video link explain how even with FOX, and others like NewMax pretend to battle the agenda, they are using psyops to further the Globalist Agenda.

  5. BTW even entertainment is used for brainwashing purposes. The instances are too numerous to recount. This video gives you a hint at how entertainment is used to condition people to coming events that are planned and staged for psycho-political purposes.


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