Thursday, June 15, 2017

How Big Is the CIA's Art Budget?

MegaREX rightly asks, "How big IS the CIA's Art Budget, anyway?"  Yes, it is a humorous line, until you realize that the CIA has been for decades using ART, THEATRE, MOVIES, BOOKS, as well as the psyops Media and Press to push its Globalist agenda, demonize and kill it enemies and to form and guide the public's consciousness. 

Do you really think the idea of CIA coordination of corporate backers for subversive ART projects is far-fetched?  What is causing the violence is that a large portion of the population has awakened and has engaged in the propaganda war, and is WINNING.

As we all know, when the Globalist Deep State's power is threatened it turns violent.  Just think about the Deep State's push for war with Russia.  Why? Because Russia rejected the New World Order Agenda. 

Just think about the descimation of Libya and Quidaffi being dragged through the streets tornured and killed. Why? Because Libya rejected the New World Order Agenda.  

What do you think the language meant when Republicans and Democrats alike likened Trump's withdrawal from the Globaist Paris Climate Con Accords as, "Trump has made America a Rogue Nation."  Have you ever heard that language before?  Why would they say it?  Because Trump as rejected the New World Order Agenda.

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