Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Georgia's 6th District Victory Defined: What does it really mean?

Wasn't last night's victory in the 6th district wonderful? Do you understand really, what it means? Even CNN said that it will strengthen "The Trump Agenda" but I can tell you by not much.

What it avoided was a direct assault by the Marxists, on Trump and months and months of hearing from the FAKE Media how the country was rejecting "Trumpism" - they squandered 50 million dollars for this psyops goal alone.

What did we really WIN by handing the seat to the former Secretary of State who has functioned as controlled opposition in Georgia? Not one move for LIBERTY happened in the years she has been in government, not one defeat of the Cultural Marxists agenda, not one real challenge to it.

If we are to "win" anything in this battle we have to realize that GOP victories are hollow and empty, confusing and deceiving. Why? Because the GOP is just the right wing of the SINGLE Cultural Marxist Agenda Party. They gave us Gay marriage and Trans-Genders in the Elementary School Class Rooms brainwashing our children. THEY are willing to create WWIII with Russia because the Russians dared to pass a law making propagandizing the gay agenda to minor a felony. Russia's is a CHRISTIAN Stand. The GOP's stand is CULTURAL MARXIST, Anti-Christian, Anti-protection of the innocent.

Let Froggy Trog put it into context for you.



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