Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trump's Break with Former Presidents

Let us not forget all the presidential "qualities" Trump does not share with our previous presidents.

George HW Bush, illegal invasion of Panama, trying the leader of a Sovereign State under U.S. Domestic Laws and imprisoning him for decades. This was the first INSANE "in your face" expression of the Globalist/Deep State (New World Order)

William Jefferson Clinton - the Blue Dress, "I did not have sex with that woman." "It is all according to what is, is." IMPEACHED, Ruby Ridge slaughter of Randy Weaver's son and wife. Waco Massacre of Christians, Kosovo Christian Genocide.

George W. Bush, Globalist Puppet, Dhimmi - fake excuses to invade Iraq. Ignored warnings about coming 9/11. Perpetrated the biggest psyops hoax in history with 9/11. It does not matter whether it was MIHOP (Made it happen on purpose, or LIHOP (Let it happen on purpose) NOTHING they told us about it is true. Here is the Dhimmi part playing apologist for Islam, remember? "Islam is THE Religion of Peace, Islam means Peace." Destroyed the last vestiges of the Bill of Rights with the Patriot/Slave Act, created the Omni-Surveillance Police State with PRISM and X-Keyscore.

Barrack Hussein Obama - Muslim Homosexual, Marxist, Globalist - this paragraph would be entirely too long. But Partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood handing the MB Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (for a time) and Turkey. Destroyed Syria, creating Christian genocide, persecuted American Christians through IRS abuses, Nationalized major auto industry, made Trillions of Dollars disappear into thin air, Turned Ukraine into a NAZI-Globalist State, restarted the Cold War with Russia, spent the last 18 months of his administration trying to goad Russia into World War Three, and spied on all his political opponents, killed opposition Journalist (there is a list) and this is just the tip of the shit pot. Let us not forget Obama pure theatrical False Flags trying to goad the nation into gun confiscation.


Truth be, for more than 25 years, I cannot say everyday, but I can testify to most everyday, I prayed to hear an American President say these things. No Presidential CANDIDATE, has ever said these word, none in the Luciferian Pack CAPABLE of saying these words - instead they ALL, Democrat and Republican have been a uni-party of Luciferian Globalist chaos and carnage that has chewed up the ANCIENT CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES, that had survived for 2100 years, enduring every privation and centuries of Islamic oppression, and here comes Good Ole Uncle Sam, and unleashes the dogs of persecution and martyrdom, CREATING Genocide. I don't ever want to see THAT Great America Again.

Every time Donald Trump says, "We are going to make American Great, Again." I first cringe at that word AGAIN, and then I remind myself that the Pagan Roman Empire was Great. I don't care a damn thing about making America Great, I care about making it humane, instead of Cultural Marxist Humanist, (which is a DEATH CULT) moral instead of hedonistic; a NATION instead of an Empire. THAT would be GREAT, oh so very, very GREAT.

There is NOTHING in America's past I want to return to. But I pray and hope with all my heart that what IS can be RENEWED, based on Truth instead of LIE, Honest policies instead of manipulative propaganda, and see a return to respect for human dignity that is now TOTALLY Absent in this Omni-Surveillance National Security Police State, the home of the Godless Empire.



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