Monday, June 26, 2017

SCOTUS RASH WEEK: Cultural Marxists on Parade

Welcome to SCOTUS RASH WEEK. This is the traditional week where I get a RASH awaiting a RASH of inane SCOTUS rulings that are always announced with tersely worded statements and conclusions by the CIA/Deep State Press which usually distort the actual rulings out of all recognition.

For instance WaPo headline, "US Supreme Court sides with religious institutions in a major church-state decision." Nothing could be further from the truth. The SCOTUS decision was so narrowly defined, concerning equipment for a playground as to be nearly meaningless. And just to punctuate the point The Traitor to the Constitution John Roberts wrote in a footnote to the decision, "This case involves express discrimination based on religious identity with respect to playground resurfacing. We DO NO address religious uses of funding or other forms of discrimination." This footnote NULLIFIES even Rober's own words in the decision HE wrote, where he said, "The express discrimination against religious exercise here is not the denial of a grant, but rather the refusal to allow the church - solely because it is a church - to compete with secular organizations for a grant." Wow, that sounds like maybe the many, many church-sponsored charity organizations are about to regain the federal support Obama denied them in his first term. But as the footnote pointed out, NOT SO.

In Obama's first term Christian hospitals, adoption agencies, orphanages, pre-school programs, etc, were denied funds; the Church transferred ownership of many hospitals to "secular" private organizations (for profit and non-profit) just to keep them from folding having been denied Federal funds available to the Secularists. The most successful drug treatments facilities in the U.S., all "faith based" were either closed or greatly reduced because they were denied the Federal funds the secular programs with horrible result records would continue to get. What has been the result? An exponential increase in drug addiction, an exponential increase in drug overdose cases and deaths, making drug overdose the single largest killer of people under 50. This SCOTUS decision does NOTHING to address this.

Is the PARTIAL upholding of Trump's Travel Ban significant? Not really as the conditions placed upon the order render it mostly non-effective. It does have some symbolic political effect (perceptual effect) but in fact, erodes longs standing Law granting to the President control over passports for security reasons.

By refusing to hear the case on the San Diego's concealed carry law, they gave a major blow to the Natural Right of Self-Defence, and this was a 7 to 9 decision. THINK! The Justices making that ruling were in a majority appointed by supposed GOP Conservative Presidents. They in effect, have given to states, cities, and counties the power to ban legal concealed carry except for categories of people those governments choose. This precedent is a HUGE blow to 2nd Amendment rights.

How much more damage will these Supreme Court Cultural Marxist/Globalists do in this RASH WEEK? God only knows.

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