Thursday, June 1, 2017

Today was the single biggest victory against Globalism in the last 100 years. In truth, it was more than equal to the killing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which destroyed 40 years of Globalist planning and implementation by the Globalist Tri-Lateral Commission, and rendered Zbigniew Brzezinski's life work in shambles. In fact, when the CIA's Jihadi Legions (ISIS, BOKO HARAM and Al Qaeda) are destroyed, it will be as if he never lived. 

The Exist from the Globalist Climate Change Marxist Con-Game is a Major Blow to Monopoly Capitalism, which is controlled by the Marxist/Corporatists.

Soros has to be spitting curses and even Rex Tillerson can't be pleased.

June the first, Twenty-Seventeen (6/1/2017) will be remembered as "The Declaration of American Economic Independence and Sovereignty Day."

"Our withdrawal from the agreement represents a reassertion of American SOVEREIGNTY." - President Donald J. Trump.

Indeed that statement is true. This withdrawal does not destroy the work of 70 years of Globalist Planning and Implementation by the Council on Foreign Relations, because their form of Globalism is many faceted, and deeply embedded in our institutions of government and society, but it is a MAJOR blow to it. 

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