Thursday, June 15, 2017

James Comey the Candy Man.

*Trey News* in an effort to rebuild Trey Gowdy's reputation after his total capitulation to the Deep State, evidenced in his Benghazi Whitewash Report, they are producing videos (many of them) showing his battle with Obama/Clinton operatives over the years. This video exposes Hillary's "The Fixer" James Comey. Caught in two telling lies about his handing out "immunity deals like candy," during the Clinton Email Investigation.

If the left were willing to move on and allow Trump to govern without attempts (including violence and assassination) to take him down, I would say, "let dead dogs lie." But under the circumstances of the New American CIVIL War, we need to understand both the content and context of this video. (Not published until May of 2017 - Where was it a year ago, Trey? Where was it TWO years ago, Trey?)



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