Thursday, June 22, 2017

The New Media Psyop: They are trying to re-legitimize themselves.

Saturday evening June 17, 2017 I noted on my Facebook page that something strange had occurred that day. None of the CIA/Deep State American Media ran a Trump Hit Piece, except CNN. Tuesday the 20th I wrote the article LINKED HERE, noting that it had been four days since any of the major FAKE NEWS outlet (except CNN) had published a Trump Hit Piece.

I opined that this appeared to be a tactical move, one that they should have taken when Trump was Elected, instead of the suicide mission upon which they embarked, first trying to subvert the Electorial College to rob Trump of the Office of President, second to smear him with the charge of treason through "Russian Collusion."  They made a tactical error believing that their psyop apparatus still retained enough power to take Trump down. 

They continued with one version or another of this Russian psyop all the way up to Comey and then Sessions' Senate hearing sworn testimony.  They were stuck on go, and like a huge ship at sea, it took them many days to truly make a turn.  We saw even last Sunday the FAKE NEWS shows echoing one another talking about "Trump being under investigation."  Oddly, even though FOX vigorously pushed this FAKE meme, the "newspapers of record" i.e., CIA outlets did not follow suit.

Since that time several other real indications have appeared signaling that the hysterical and FAKE frontal assault on Trump is over. (Maybe-maybe not, I'm guessing, but I don't think my gut is wrong.) 

It seems that the Deep State realized for the first time that their methods had thoroughly failed, as demonstrated in Trump's approval rating rising above 50%, his all-time high, according to Rasmussen following two years of hysterical efforts to take him down. Trump's Iowa Rally last evening proved that his popularity is not diminished one iota, as he packed out the venue to capacity. One Deep State columnist acknowledged that that crowd coupled with the five special election wins, four this week, prove that Trump prospects for 2020 are better than they were on Election Day 2016. 

More evidence of the Dialectical Shift I have been reporting, which happened early morning Saturday the 17th, 2017.

(1) Bloomberg says America should "get behind" Trump: "The public has spoken—whether you like the results or not"

(2) Trump's operatives this week, moved fully to the Offensive, following Tuesday's election results.

(3) Voices in Europe dropped their hysterical anti-Tump memes and began to try to make a rational argument for "The Liberal World Order" i.e., Globalism.  This is the first week that they have tried that; until now they have been screaming like enraged parents at their "nationalist children" who have been misbehaving.

(4) Sean Spicer's press briefing on the 20th proved that my observation on a sudden turn in strategy by the Deep State Psyops Media was now pretty apparent. It was the first "on camera" press briefing in 8 days; it was thirty-two minutes long; there was no shouting, no hysteria, and only one lame question giving false facts about "Russian Hacking" and one question about Trump's Tapes. No real gotcha questions, most questions were reasonable and substantive. TOTALLY different atmosphere from ANY previous press briefing. I don't think I'm exaggerating in saying that the Deep State psyops has taken a new turn.

(5) Look at this "Tweet" from CNN's Jake Tapper, as FAKE news as FAKE can get. Yet this Tweet is a capitulation to reality, a move away from the hysteria of the last two years.

7h7 hours ago
Jake Tapper Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Some of you are going to dislike hearing this but the DNC's inadequate response to FBI/DHS on 🇷🇺 hack is a legit question

(6) Yet more evidence arrived in the mail, an article from the veterian journalist, Michael Goodwin, published by "Imprimis" a monthly publication with nearly four million readers. He stated, "I've been a journalist for a long time. Long enough to know that it wasn't always like this. There was a time not so long ago when journalists were trusted and admired.  We were generally seen as trying to report the news in a fair and straight-forward manner.  Today, all that has changed."

The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards [LINK]

I would interpret that as people have awakened to the long-standing psychological operation the American "press/media" has engaged. Yet there is an element of truth in what he is saying. The leftist "spin" on the news, which he readily admits existed, was replaced with psyops that grew hysterical the moment that Donald Trump announced that he was running for President and ever more lying and hysterical the more it looked like his taking office was possible, and even a new level of lying hysteria following the election coupled with active encouragement of Leftist VIOLENCE immediately following his inauguration.

Goodwin goes on to say, "For that, we can blame the 2016 election or, more accurately how some news organizations chose to cover it. Among the many firsts, last year's election gave us the gobsmacking revelation that most of the mainstream media puts both thumbs on the scale - that most of what you read, watch, and listen to is distorted by intentional bias and hostility."  Yes, the media rhetoric was hostile and violent, producing hostility and violence in the street, up to and including many beatings of Trump supporters and the attempted assassination of the Majority Whip, Steve Scalese, plus the wounding of his bodyguards.

Goodwin describes the insanity of the media in terms of the stages of grief. "In the beginning, Donald Trump's candidacy was treated as an outlandish publicity stunt, as though he wasn't a serious candidate and should be treated as a circus act."  Then he builds an argument that Trump's candidacy itself was the driver of the hysteria since T.V. executives realized that Trump was ratings and the more Trump was presented in the Media the higher their ratings.  And like all lying psyops, Goodwin's argument fails on FACTS, since all the "Legacy Media" has taken a ratings-beating in the last two years, with all the legacy newspapers and magazines at an all time low circulation, dying so quickly that their new "on-line" subscription services, which are growing cannot replace the lost revenue.

Goodwin's article states, "One study estimated that Trump received so much free airtime that if he had had to buy it, the price would have been $2 billion." 

Interesting statistic, but what is the elephant in the room that Goodwin conveniently ignores?

Harvard Study Proves my claim in the paragraph below.

Answer: The fact that 90 percent of the media coverage was not just negative, much of it was scurrilous, ugly, hate-filled, violent, totally false, petty, stupid, and aimed at one thing, that being Destroying Trump and blunting the Truth and Liberty, America First, Nationalist, anti-Globalist Movement that adopted him.  

If you want a hint of the reality of my last statement I invite you to observe just a small but truly representative record of the last two years of the massive psyops against Trump. 

FAKE NEWS' Constant Message: Trump Is Finished! [LINK]

I have given Michael Goodwin's article short shrift since it is written inside a False Consciousness as if "Journalism" in the U.S. was real until recently. It is "Operation Mockingbird" and not journalism and hasn't been journalism for at least 50 years. However, I encourage you to click the link and read the article for yourself, since it is rather long, detailed and he makes several interesting points if taken in the real context.

My point is, this deep analysis for the "Demise of Journalistic Standards" was merely the exposure of the Reality of the CIA/Deep State Psyops Beast, and his efforts at "analysis" are rather the foundational movements of the psychological operation to re-legitimize the beast.  Yes, we have taken a dialectical turn the goal of which is to soothe as many people as possible back to sleep, willing to once again take the Mainstream Media SOMA.  I wrote this paragraph years ago: 

"Duh! I know it is painful to actually think since you can tune into the SOMA Networks and download an opinion, which you may hold and cherish without actually going through the painful process of THINKING. Thinking is painful! I know it is. The oblivion of SOMA is so much easier, and everyone else is taking it!  But IF you have retained or regained the ability to think, decipher this equation for me, and give me the logical result." 

Here is the equation to decipher concerning the "rehabilitation" of the "legacy media."  Having seen clearly, maybe for the first time, the depth of the capacity for sophisticated coordinated lying psyops flowing from the "Legacy Media" "The Ole Gray-Lady Press" "The 24/7 Cable FAKE News outlets" what reason could there ever be to UNLEARN that knowledge? 

I invite you to watch this video of a tiny portion of CNN and MSNBC's psyop pressing the idea of Trump/Russian Collusion. And remember that CNN and MSNBC run the FAKE Narrative, then FOX, News MAX, and a host of other supposedly "friendly" Right-Side media, repeats it and amplifies it.  That is their job, they are FAKE opposition. The story was FAKE, they knew it was FAKE, they invented it, hoping to take down a President upon a MYTH. And, let us be clear, had the American People accepted the story as legitimate, facts be damned, they would have destroyed Trump with it.

First, let Mika Brezensky remind you what the Psyops Media's Job is.






  1. More evidence backing up my premise of the "Dialectic Turn" here is an article by Politico published Wednesday the 21st, exposing the intellectual depth of some key Trump administration people including Steve Bannon. "That’s not true in the Trump White House, where another Peloponnesian War aficionado can be found in the office of chief strategist Steve Bannon. A history buff fascinated with grand conflict . . ."
    "“He talked a lot about Sparta,” his former Hollywood writing partner, Julia Jones, told The Daily Beast. An unnamed former colleague recalled for the New Yorker Bannon’s “long diatribes” about the Peloponnesian War."
    “Mattis reads a lot of books. McMaster can quote more central lines from more books than anybody I know. And Bannon reads a huge amount of history. So I think this is an unusual configuration.” - Remember this is Politico. Such words would have been impossible for them to print two weeks ago.

  2. 6.23.2017 - The Washington Post a 100% CIA owned entity, published as piece of fantasy this morning labelled "Exclusive" and no doubt since it is 100% Lying CIA Propaganda, entitled, "Obama's Secret Struggle to Punish Russia for Putin's Election Assault." Now understand the psyop premise of Trump/Russia Collusion and Russian interference in an American election have the same psyop goal, to de-legitimize president Trump. Of course CNN will echo this article for days, the question is will the rest of the FAKE STREAM Media follow suit. This will be the acid test of my premise.

  3. 6.24.2017 - A more sophisticated psyops is what I predicted and it has taken me 24 hours to realize it, but it is becoming obvious as the other outlets take up the subject of the Washington Post article of yesterday, mentioned in the comment above. They are willing now to trash Obama's legacy, to create a psyop to paint the 2016 election as Russia "tainted."

    They are picturing it as a HUGE Obama White House FAILURE. (Tossing Obama under the bus - so to speak) A little research and this meme began with BUZZFEED, all the way back in April, in an article entitled "How Russia Hacked Obama's Legacy."

    Now we see why the idea that the DNC refused to cooperate with the investigation is getting some play, publicly available knowledge for 7 or 8 months, just now being mentioned in the FAKE STREAM Media - they are willing to throw the DNC under the bus as well, as long as they can paint Trump's election tainted by Russian interference.

  4. Even CNN is beginning to get cold feet:

    CNN Enforcing New Rules for Russia Coverage After Retracting Story on Senate Investigation

    CNN has issued a new set of publishing guidelines after the network retracted a story this weekend which tied President Trump‘s team to the ongoing Senate investigation into Russia’s 2016 election interference.

    Buzzfeed obtained an internal memo from CNNMoney executive editor Rich Barbieri, stating “no one should publish any content involving Russia” without consulting him or CNN vice president Jason Farkas.


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