Monday, June 19, 2017

The Alex Jones/Megyn Kelly Kerfuffle: It is not what you think!

It is not what Jones says it is. It is not what Kelly says it is. YOU are being played.
Please understand that none of these Alt-Media people, Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Milo, George Webb et al., are to be trusted any more than the Truly FAKE STREAM Media. 

I just watched Alex Jones' One Hour-Thirty Minute pre-game show, before the Megyn Kelly hatchet job, leaving me with the clear perception that this is ALL contrived, Jones and Kelly are BOTH acting; this has all the reality of WWF Westling. This is just a new level of psyops folks, more sophisticated but none-the-less FAKE.

I said last week that part of "this psyop is to rehabilitate the Sandyhook False Flag, that was pure theater. They are trying to make you think it was REAL" and on cue, both Jones and Cernovich assured the audience that Sandyhook was REAL. 

Steve Pieczenik began to recite the facts making the case that a "real" massacre happening at Sandyhook was impossible, stating the public record evidence, and Jones cut him off and Cernovich said, "See, even though we may disagree about Sandyhook we can still talk about it." Yeah, right.

The False Flag Theatre of Sandyhook is a BIG liability to the Deep State EVER regaining control of the Dialectic. It was so poorly performed that even dullards "get it" and the part of the Deep State that some are calling "the good part" knows they are too clearly exposed. 

This whole kerfuffle, the dust-up between Jones and Kelly is the psyops vehicle they, THE DEEP STATE, is using on YOU, to make you think Sandyhook was REAL. If Jones and Cernovich can pull off this psyop, that is, convince the Jones audience to believe this fairytale, then the CIA/Deep STATE will have made a huge step towards regaining control of the dialectic, and gain mental control over their harshest critics. The fact is that if they can make Jones' audience believe this LIE against FACTS, they can make them believe ANYTHING.

Jones is blustering, now, on what is probably 100+ Youtube uploads that he is destroying Megyn Kelly and NBC, and that that was the purpose of his agreeing to do the interview.  That is a battle ALREADY WON. This videotape produced last year exposes the fact the Megyn Kelly is a dog-faced liar and practices "selective editing" to produce LIES.  She did it on Fox, she does it on NBC, what is NEW?

Nothing is new, except Cernovich and Jones actively running a psyop to make you think Sandyhook was REAL, and in this psyop, with the FAKE Parents on NBC, it is obvious that Kelly, Cernovich, and Jones are WORKING TOGETHER.   "Look at this FAKE NEWS Kerfuffle, pay no attention to the fact we are rehabilitating the Sandyhook charade." 

THINK: When Trump said, "Their media resources are virtually unlimited" speaking of the Deep State, do you think that was hyperbole? Do you think those unlimited resources are incapable of using an Alt-Right platform?

Rex Christi recently stated correctly about Fox and the Murdock boys, heirs to Ruppert Murdock's media empire, "Do you really think that they are going to back off because of poor ratings?" Jones is also claiming that he is destroying the Washington Post - which is a 100% CIA operation. Do you think their black-ops propaganda budget is strained? Really? Do you?  "The media is a tool for them, they will waste tens of billions keeping that tool in place," Rex continued.

Man wouldn't it be simple if we could say, "Just tune in Alex Jones and you will know what is really happening." Wouldn't it?  It would require NO RATIONAL THINKING.  The laziness of this idea reminds me of a statement I made several years ago about those people who are "programmed" by the media:

"Duh! I know it is painful to actually think since you can tune into the SOMA Networks (in this instance we have to include Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones) and download an opinion, which you may hold and cherish without actually going through the painful process of THINKING. Thinking is painful! I know it is. The oblivion of SOMA is so much easier, and everyone else is taking it!
But IF you have retained or regained the ability to think, decipher this equation for me, and give me the logical result."

Here is the equation you have to solve about Sandyhook/Newtown; the FBI Standard Crime Statistics, the record upon which Federal Crime Fighting grants and subsidies are based, for cities and states, reports that NO homicides occurred in Sandyhook/Newtown, the year of the Sandyhook Theater Production.

How fake is fake news? [LINK] Would they fake the murder of a Muslim in North Caroline for psyops reasons, to gaslight the public that has enough sense to be concerned about ISLAM? Yes, they would and they did.


Mirror video of the pertinent part in case Jones ever deletes the original.


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