Friday, April 18, 2014

More Manufactured Zeitgeist - Sandy Hook

I've written much about the government's new "legal power" to run psychological operations upon the American Public, to herd them into compliant behavior, to freeze them in fear, to fill them with passions, to, in fact, create a totally artificial atmosphere, or "consciousness" for them devoid of truth.  Any who understand the goals of the genocidal maniacs who have control of national and international governments, will FIGHT them. That is the last thing they want. They want you stupid and compliant, while THINKING you are well informed.

So what is the most pressing goal of the Elite Masters at the present moment?  To disarm the American people and especially the Christian population. 

Sofia Smallstorm takes a systematic approach to explain the psy-opts "event" of Sandy Hook. She takes some time to build a framework of reference, so that the pieces of the story we have seen can be fitted into the appropriate frame of reference. She does this with skill. When you have time, quiet time,  where you can concentrate take the time to not just listen, but study what she has to say. Get a picture of these different dimension of "viewing" in your head. This video is not entertainment but a philosophical lesson, a priceless schematic of how False Flags are created and sold as a reality.

The handicap most people have grasping the Truth of any event in these hypno-times is that they accept what the mass media offers as "REAL."  Until you decouple yourself from that brainwashing medium, you are hopelessly lost, unable to view, understand and/or intuit the Truth of anything.

We have to learn to perceive and operate on a level much more intelligently in the face of the fact that it is now legal (LEGAL) for the Department of Homeland Security (CIA) to run Psychological Operations on us.  And they are running Psychological Operations on us, and Sandy Hook was a major DHS (Operation Capstone) Psychological Operation.

It is all about the government/media operating their MIND CONTROL - every bit of this exercise (Ferguson riots) is for that purpose.  They have been experimenting on a grand scale. Research Operation Capstone - DHS is doing a good job of keeping it off the net.  Do you remember Obama saying that he intended with part of the Trillion Dollars of play money he was given, to create a "civilian army" more powerful than the Military.  That is Operation Capstone, it is the Nazi Brown Shirts of the New World Order. They have complete control over the media, by coercion and some gleefully cooperating, and thousands of goons on the streets. (Among these groups are a heavy presence of Islamic Groups - All Capstone members.) They function also as the DHS Rat squad and I bet a member of Operation Capstone lives in your neighborhood.  With the control of the media and member (actors) on the streets they brought you Aurora, the Boston Bombing, Sandyhook, Ferguson and who knows what other agenda disorders.

This link gives a little of the history of the "whole society brainwashing plan."


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