Sunday, April 20, 2014

Obama's Genocidal Goals - Nuclear Conflagration


Remember me saying again and again, that Obama is spoiling for a war with Russia.  This speech was given after the 2008 election and before Obama took office.  Luckily, because of the heroism of the Nuclear Missile Command who sent the Russians a message last August (2013) just before Labor Day,(BLD) that if Obama ordered a nuclear strike on Russia they would not pull the trigger.  This happened on Thursday BLD. 

ON Monday BLD, CNN started the literal drum beat for war, all the same graphics they used in the first Gulf War, ominous music and all. On Wednesday BLD, Obama's attack plan on Syria was leaked to the press by high ranking military officers. On Thursday BLD, the Russians called for a closed session of the U.N. Security Council which happened in the middle of the day Friday, at which time they informed the Council that they would treat an attack on Syria as an attack on Russia, and ALL MEASURES OF DEFENSE REMAINED ON THE TABLE, since they have a mutual defense treaty with Syria. (That is code for we will go nuclear.) On Friday evening BLD Obama had his famous walk in the Rose Garden and decided to seek a negotiated solution instead of bombing. Why, because the Elites knew THEY could not be protected. Obama didn't stand down because he was frightened of creating WWIII, he backed down because he knew he did not have control of American Nuclear Command. 

Tarpley nailed this one in this 2008 speech, but he didn't realize the bravery of the American Nuclear Command and their willingness to mutiny.  As most of you know immediately there after, Obama began a wholesale housecleaning of the Nuclear Command, firing both heads and now some 200 officers down the chain of command. 

Tarpley also nails the hypnotic love-fest the Europeans were having with Obama and and the real and present danger of it, saying, "they had better wake up and realize that he is more dangerous than Bush or their countries will be decimated."  The effectiveness of Snowden's heroic actions was demonstrated by Obama's second Brandenberg Gate Speech in Berlin, June 16th 2013 where only forty-eight-hundred people showed up. The first speech drew nearly ONE MILLION PEOPLE, only two and a half years prior.  

Because of the leaks from Snowden, France and Turkey were the only E.U. countries willing to follow Obama into the abyss. The British government was set to follow, but the outcry of the British public caused an historic vote in the House of Parliament forbidding British participation. Germany and the rest flatly refused and although not siding with Russia, chose to remain neutral and NOT allow NATO participation. 

Tarpley's explanation of who Obama is, the genocidal maniacs that surround him and their ultimate goal is again, spot on.  When you have time, listen carefully to his monologue and realize that he saw these things in 2008 before Obama took office. He saw these things when American Conservatives were screaming that Obama was a radical leftwing/marxist - when in fact he is the puppet of the New World Order Elite, who are the "ultra-capitalist" the Bank-Slavers, who have used his facade as a radical left winger for their purposes. 

The sad news is Obama has two and a half years to create a nuclear conflagration and he intends to have it.  Pay attention NSA employees and Military personnel.  I know that many of you are good and moral people and cringe at the thought of participating in a massive genocidal Obama-operation that will slaughter tens of millions of people, sicken the rest and unalterably change the course of human history at the cost of apocalyptic levels of human suffering.  You are on the inside, sitting beside the "black opts" infiltrators/traitors of the New World Order, YOU KNOW who they are, or you will learn who they are when the time comes. YOU have the ability to sabotage ANY action Obama takes toward his ultimate goal.  Find your HEARTS, Find your SOUL, Find your MORAL BASE, read the Declaration of Independence and substitute for the oppressions of King George, the Genocidal Goals of Obama and ACT for LIFE, LIBERTY and the American Pursuit of happiness.  We DO NOT have to live in the coming post-nuclear techno-dark ages, IF you act with moral compunction when the time comes.  

Archpriest Symeon Elias

Here is the story of Obama's Genocidal "Science Czar" - if you doubt the idea that genocide is the goal. 

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