Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Manufactured Zeitgeist

April 8th 2014
Even Evolution is a manufactured Zeitgeist and people
are too programmed to even view much less understand
the scientific evidence that proves the mathematical
impossibility of its scientistic pretensions. 

The work of the Mass Media:

How can the lazy masses know anything, when their center of information gathering is snacks on a couch while being programmed by the NWO Media. 

I'm reminded of the story that CNN has been hammering relentlessly for weeks now; the missing plane. I am very suspicious of the goal of all the effort. What is worth the 24 hour 7 days a week, hammering and hammering and hammering? I'm stumped as to the motive and outcome, because the real reason will only be visible in hindsight, I'm afraid. 

A friend (a democrat by the way) said that the overview of events (how they plug into history) is impossible for the lazy masses because of "mass gullibility about events."  That "merciless and repetitious media bombardment" causes an "unmediated sense certainty" a Zeitgeist if you will, through which the truth of actual events are hidden.  He calls it a "Hollywood-style sense-impressionist naive epistemology (method of knowing) complicated by the schizophrenic and autistic elements present in Anglo-American culture."  

That schizophrenia is clearly present in the fact that those claiming to be conservative and lovers of Liberty, could easily be conditioned to think that the Patriot Act was preservation of “Liberty and the American Way of Life.”They are not capable of taking Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's warning seriously, "A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny."  They cannot accept the historic record that the New World Order stating this clearly as a tool they planned to use in their primary manual, outlining their plan for world domination: 

"It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorism, and not by academic discussion." - from the New World Order Playbook

The "autistic" part, is the inability to communicate, using previously (historically) accepted means, i.e. conversation, written and spoken using logic and critical thinking. The breakdown of communication is created by the deep-sense conditioning. And not merely the art of conversation is lost, but the capability of communication at all is lost. The hallmark of autism is the inability to accept unwanted data, that creates an autonomic response, even a violent rejection as the autistic person tries to wrap themselves in comforting sensation, without the disturbance of unwanted data, or better, data they cannot process.

LIKE when faced with the PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY of the Twin Towers falling at a speed just fractions of a second slower than free fall by the means we are told they were felled, people will tenaciously cling to the official story, passionately cling, angrily cling, even though the official story defies reason and the immutable laws of physics.

Why?  Because they have been programmed by the method above to believe what they are told, removed from all exercise of reason. When they have been programmed, facts do not matter.  I've written much about how the young are programmed, but the sad fact is the vast majority of the population is also programmed, and voluntarily submit to the programming in the form of entertainment, they are told is "news" and also by the entertainment media as well, constantly reinforcing the common myth. What they are so repeatedly told becomes a matter of "conviction" for them.  Thus the passions when contrary facts are presented. 

So what is the official Zeitgeist of the New World Order?  (1) That it does not exist. (2) That anyone who refuses that illusion, (that it does not exist) is a "conspiracy theorist" (3) That conspiracy theorists are nutz.  (4) that international legal bodies have "human rights" as their primary goal and function, and are benevolent and not part of a new construct of world government - this despite their legal status and sovereignty destroying jurisdiction. (5) That such bodies seek world peace.  (6) that demanding the Moral Good of National Borders is regressive "Nationalism" which is a very evil thing. 

The Council on Foreign Relations has spent decades in a massive psy-opts program, holding weekly meetings with prominent and influential local citizens, in EVERY major city in the world, "conditioning" them to believe that "internationalism" is the only hope for mankind and that nationalism is evil.  Nationalism only creates wars, when in fact, the New World Order is responsible for every war of the last 150 years, not to mention the body count of the last 40 year that is well over half a billion slaughtered humans.  

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