Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pizza Pie Psychological Operation

What is Pizza Pie Psychological Operations?
Picture the pepperoni spread around the pizza surface like the pattern of a shotgun blast.  In other words, the psyops mill is churning out fake story after fake story hoping some fake meme sticks and grows.
What is the purpose?

Do you remember me telling you that the Truth would be more and more difficult to discern following the law change June 2013, allowing for the U.S. Government to LEGALLY run psychological operations inside America on its own citizens? That is it can legally LIE to you for political goals.

This is a TOTALLY FALSE STORY. Served to you by operatives of the government psyops regime, or their IDIOT DUPES. 

"U.S. Chief Justice Roberts “Signed Off On Interpol To Arrest And Remove Obama on 25 Charges of Treason”

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