Monday, April 14, 2014

Projecting Peace and Love

Look at the stupidity of a Patriot pushing New Age philosophy, totally oblivious to the underlying Agenda of the New Age Movement. Such people enter the battle not just unarmed, but hogtied and beaten,  to wit:

"Meaningful change in the outer world won’t occur from the efforts of individuals or groups trying to force others to do it their way, no matter how noble their intentions might be. Spiritual change occurs within each individual and is reflected outwardly. 

Peace can't be imposed onto others. Peace radiates from a loving heart. 
As more beacons light up, the brighter life becomes." -Sri Gawn Tu Fahr"

Does the history of the last Hundred Years, which saw the collapse of Western Civilization prove or disprove this little sweet sophistry? 

A huge amount of meaningful change has occurred in Western Civilization in the last two centuries from pressures brought by an evil outside agenda. It is the very definition of getting people to "do it their way" their evil way. It is enormous change! Detrimental change! AND it is a force from outside the person, coming from sophisticated Behavioral Conditioning of the Media, and Institutions of culture and education. 

That evil has destroyed the moral, spiritual and intellectual foundations and values of this culture, NOT one soul at a time, but hundred of thousands at a time and millions at a time using nothing short of media sorcery and the captivity of SEVEN HOURS A DAY, of State Behaviorist Conditioning for a period of TWELVE YEARS, of a child's development, in state mandated "education."  The HISTORY proves that this little saying of sophistry is indeed silly.  But more than silly - it is an invitation to disarm and remain silent, less we dare to be seen as trying to force an idea or action on another.

How can you measure the promotion of such timidity to speak OFFENSIVE TRUTH, in the face of state FORCED Behaviorist Conditioning, Seven Hours a Day for Twelve Years?

Martin Luther King said, "Evil wins, when good men remain silent." Too many good people have been beaten into psychological and moral submission and SILENCE, in the face of enormous EVIL.  They say, "I'll not create offense. I'll just be kind and humble and pray and project love and peace" and in so doing they removed Truth from the Public Square and reserved it for their meetings behind closed doors  (The difference between Freedom of Religion and Freedom to Worship) they presided over the bloodiest century of Mankind's history, where more Christians were murdered for being Christian than all previous centuries COMBINED.  How's that silent, prayerful sweetness working for you? 

Idiots brainwashed by Marxist/Nihilism and the moral relativism of "The Agenda" believe that speech that upsets another person, challenges them, exposes lies in them is "HATE SPEECH."  They try to impose the "proper decorum" a FAKE sweetness and light upon public debate and personal interactions. They use terms like, "up and positive" vs "down and negative."  Meaning that only what makes another FEEL GOOD has merit.  Ask any loving parent who has had to confront an angry or rebellious teenager in danger of serious self-destruction, if their conversation was "uplifting" "positive" "light" "sweet" and "filled with peace" etc. No, such confrontation against the force who seeks to destroy mankind is NOT pleasant.

How does this New Age emotional nirvana comport to the acquisition of TRUTH, which arrives with great shock and insult to the ego? Causes the emotions to SUFFER, anger, malice and rage in the proud, those aligned with The Liar, and causes differing levels of grief to those who begin to hear?  Both reactions are painful, but the result very different, as one clings to what is death producing the other to what is LIFE producing.

Jesus said to those CONFRONTED with the bitter realities of TRUTH, the very first stages of coming to Truth, 
"Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted."

Do you understand that the Proud are "rich in spirit"?  Their prideful knowledge is a resin impervious to Truth. The great purpose of our present day humanist/behaviorist education system is to produce a proud, dumb beast.  That proud, dumb beast has been conditioned by years of "positive and negative" emotional re-enforcers to hold a self-image that says,
"I've got it.  I know it. I have been taught, I have been made to FEEL that I'm a good person. Anything that challenges my knowledge or does not positively reinforce my emotions is silly, radical and insane."  The only concept this dumb beast has of EVIL is what challenges his "good feelings" and makes him FEEL BAD. It is insanity. 
What is the opposite of this "Feel Good" insanity? Only those who can admit the poverty of their own understanding and in humility view the possibility that their knowledge is not God's knowledge, and their way has not been God's way are capable of entertaining painful Truth. 

 Anyone truly exposed to a monad of Truth, MORNS, realizing the emptiness and bondage of their prideful sickness and Gnostic Presumptions, their pretensions to "project peace and love."   Meaningful change rooted in The Good, that is IN He who ONLY is Good, He who IS TRUTH, only happens inside the discipline and PAIN of self-sacrificial LOVE. And that has NOTHING in common with the New Age Movement's Peace and Harmony, or any other RELIGIOUS ACTING.  It is a brutal LOVE of Truth the person, that will endure all things for acquisition of HIM.

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