Monday, April 7, 2014

Our "CONDITIONED" Young People

This exchange has much to teach, if you read carefully.

A Christian friend, a former high school biology teacher sent me a note, finding it hard to believe what a former student had told her.  The student thanked her for stating in her biology class in 1999 when she was teaching evolution, that she was a Christian and didn't believe in it. The young woman in adulthood became a Christian. What disturbed my friend was the young woman's candid statement that the whole class had laughed at her, except for three students.  My friend could not believe that 95 percent of the class accepted the mythology of evolution as fact, without question and viewed her statement of "non-belief" as silly, or radical or insane.  Literally something to be mocked as "anti-intellectual." 

I responded to her saying:
Ah, now I see. So the shock is at the degree of secular humanist propaganda that was accepted as fact, and that Christianity seemed as something superstitious and silly.

Sadly, since the complete Secular Humanist Dumming-Down of American Agenda was in full sway by the early 1980s, and it happened under Reagan BTW, you were witnessing the work of that agenda in your class.  The students had nothing against which to view your statement, which you arbitrarily asserted without supporting evidence.

You have seen me at times (I know) speaking to young people in a very rude and dismissive manner.  It isn't for the purpose of being rude, but understanding that they are so far removed from truth, they have to be shocked awake.  It is from the understanding that you cannot speak to them using heuristic truth or logic.  They simply do not have the framework to grasp what is said, nor can they reason upon a mutual reference framework. So to them it sounds silly or radical, or even insane.  

When we speak to young people we have to first build a frame of reference so that they can entertain a new perspective. They are indoctrinated, so they are unable to suspend disbelief long enough to entertain anything new.  Both the frame and the truth painted inside the frame has to be spoon fed to them, at each point challenging the hubris that says, "I've got it.  I know it. I have been taught, I have been made to FEEL that I'm a good person. Anything that challenges my knowledge or does not positively reinforce my emotions is silly, radical and insane."

This inability to suspend disbelief is a product of B.J. Skinner Behaviorist "conditioning." It is a deep form of brainwashing where reason and critical thinking is completely removed and all thoughts are emotion based, where "keys" have been implanted in their consciousness. These are literal "autonomic controls" that effect them at a visceral level, never raising their curiosity but merely keying their response as pre-programmed.  In this they have only two programmed responses to data outside their programming, and they are both emotional responses: 

(1) instant anger, even rage, and even hatred.
(2) dismissal as silly, irrational, radical or insane.

This level of Darkness is very deep and nothing but SHOCK has any means of breaking the spell.  In spiritual reality, it is nothing less than this; they are victims of sorcery, that created demonic bondage, that blocks entertainment of anything but the lies they have been programmed to believe.  

Do you grasp what a fundamental betrayal of Liberty, the use of B.F.Skinner Behaviorist Conditioning is, being mandated upon our children?  Common Core is just a greater level of it, removing children from the very idea of critical thinking and conditioning them in WHAT to think.  When you remember that the primary Liberties, what is RIGHTLY unalienable to man, is LIFE, then Liberty in MIND and BODY, and the private ownership of property, which three created the basis form sustaining life and preserving family, the building block of society, you see that Skinnerian Conditioning is an enslavement of the mind, a primary betrayal of Liberty.

The Scientistic Dictatorship Elite (SDE) had taken control of the minds of our young people and enslaved those minds. 

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