Thursday, April 24, 2014

Congress Officially Initiates President Obama's Impeachment? Really?

What is the purpose of the psy-opts publication circulating the LIE that 

"Congress Officially Initiates President Obama’s Impeachment"? 
Why would anyone want a patriot to think the Congress had the power to Impeach Obama? 
To put it politely, to keep you chasing your own tails, working like crazy for "congressional action on this" and "congressional action on that" and like ZOMBIES standing on bridges holding signs that say "Impeach Obama!" Which is a LEGAL and PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY. 
Because there is IN FACT no legal means to do so. 
The FAKE political process in this FAKE Republic turned Totalitarian Police State, have to be viewed as the Wheels in a Hamster Cage. 
It is important to the Elite that they keep you distracted and believing you live in a functioning Republic. 
So you expend your wealth and energy spinning the Democrat Wheel, or spinning the Republican Wheel, while the Elite move the entire cage in whatever direction they have planned. 
From several different approaches at this point in History the legal powerlessness of the Legislative process (Congress) has been proved. Yet you keep spinning the wheels while being carried in directions you DO NOT choose and DO NOT wish.
Understanding this, this FAKE report of "Initiation of Impeachment" makes perfect sense. (1) Even though there is not one shred of TRUTH to it (2) but In your DELUSION you believe something is being done (3) AND it reinforces the FANTASY that there are actual democratic processes in operation, guiding the Republic forward.
Now look carefully at this and understand that every outlet that has disseminated this LIE is part of the propaganda operation of the Elite/Government - those really in control, who use lies and deception to maintain control - or they are their useful Idiot, spouting propaganda without knowledge it is propaganda.

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